SGV Changes

Spicy Shrimp 2188 gone already from Sunny Plaza in San Gabriel, to be replaced by Chongqing Dezhuang. In same plaza, He’s Kitchen closed on a Thursday with sign in window in Chinese. Meanwhile, a lot of work going on in former Kingswood Steak House in Life Plaza.

Does it look like the new Shaanxi place in Sunny Plaza will be opening anytime soon?

hmm. their FB page just listed 6 new pictures yesterday. is this closing temporary or permanent?

and believe it or not, NOT ON YELP.

Shaanxi Garden is open. I went in and picked up a to-go menu.

TonyC gave us a hard time about slipping, but SGV Yelpers seem to have completely lost the plot. Not sure about He’s, I’ll try posting the photo when I get a chance.

According to my friend, the sign at He’s Kitchen says the interior is being remodeled and that they will reopen someday.

When did they open?

Thanks chandvakl. Even though I didn’t process the characters, I had a feeling it wasn’t as permanent. I didn’t see any stepladder by the door.

Who? He’s? Maybe June or July?

tonyc mentioned the opening of the place in an la eater article in early july.