SGV Chinese w/ Outdoor Dining

It’d be nice to have a list here. I can’t think of too many places that have enough space to do it.
I noted a pretty big outdoor setup at Ho Kee San Gabriel.
What else is there?

NBC pretty much took over the entire section of the parking lot in front of their doors. Couldn’t see in to determine spacing or what dividers, if any, there are. I was across the street at Action Sales.

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This was taken from the midpoint of tent.

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killer noodle AKA tsujita light and another (i believe hot pot specialist but i could be wrong) restaurant have outdoor seating in the parking lot in the san gabriel hilton plaza. there’s also some big HK cafe style place on valley at the end of the mall just east of the BOFA. generally, it’s going to be places in malls/plazas with off the street parking are going to be the only places that might offer outdoor seating.

it’s vietnamese but 5 stars hue in alhambra deserves a mention as they offer some central vietnamese offerings not commonly found. they were fortunate to have a location on the end of a building and they more or less annexed the empty space on the side to set up tables outdoors.


A few places have fairly extensive outdoor dining areas besides NBC, such as Tang Gong Seafood, Baccali Cafe, U2 Cafe and I believe EAT Bistro. These are all restaurants in freestanding buildings, except Tang Gong which is located in a center where all the other places on their floor are out of business. Restaurants located in shopping centers often have a limited small tent outdoor seating area equal to the parking slots directly in front of their restaurant. The large Grand Harbor in Temple City has a couple of small tents, as does NC Peking Duck in Industry. Some strip centers have one or two small tents for each of their tenants.

Also the commonly owned Atlantic Seafood and OK Cafe in Atlantic Times Square

Capital Seafood in Arcadia has covered patio seating. Menu is somewhat abbreviated. The previously large staff has been reduced, but wait time is not excessive. Dim sum is still good.


Capital Seafood in Monterey Park has a huge tent in the parking lot.
Dim Sum served. But there was only one cart when I went during weekday lunch.

Not Chinese, but my friend said that Oo-Kook has outdoor seating (not sure if many places in K-Town are doing that, so thought this might be useful info).

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Wow. Thank you!

Bump. Updates?

Tam’s still has a patio.

Sichuan Impression, but only when they have enough staff.

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Baccali still does, although my recent visit there reminded me why the last visit was 15+ yrs ago… Is the stuff to get there the chicken?

You had mentioned Chong Qing Yao Mei in another thread. Is it any good? Def had a patio (and a rather attractive looking one) when I passed by a little more than ~1 mo ago.

Thanks @paranoidgarliclover. Have been there only once during the pandemic and it was holding up quite well. It slipped my mind. I might just get my CNY Hot Pot celebration after all! 恭喜发财

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It prolly really isn’t great food, but I really have a soft spot for their baked rice dishes with cream sauce. Corn starchy cream sauce, cheese, and meat (I like beef tongue) over fried rice - somehow hits the spot.


One time my wife was craving (crappy) bolognese or Cincinnati style chili or something and I was like, “Well, I don’t think there’s anywhere open for that right now but maybe a Hong Kong Diner?” That baked rice/pasta totally hits the spot sometimes.


I didn’t think much of Baccali either until I met some people from SF on a Chinese tour group and told me they drove down to Southern California to eat at Baccali, which forced me to dig deeper. I know a lot of people go for the steak, and some of the standards are excellent such as the curry chicken, black bean fish and most unexpectedly, tofu in brown sauce.


That’s what I ordered b/c spaghetti bolongese was always my favorite from HK cafes growing up. Baccali’s bolognese is too smooth (and sweet and tomato-y?) for me. I’ve always preferred the Garden version. Garden’s beans in the red bean ice also have more bite.

The Singapore noodles at Baccali were quite tasty, though, and I would order them again.

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