SGV help, please


san gabriel valley, 10 people, two of them frail and north of 85. would like to make a reservation for 11 a.m. Sichuan
probably not a good idea, as the elders are getting into a car and leaving the goddamn state right
one of the dim sum houses? sea harbour, elite, shanghai no. 1? all suggestions welcome,
but i was thinking chinese.

many thanks for your help.

Sorry I didn’t see this in time. Very few places take reservations for Sunday lunch. Lunasia and King Hua for large parties. Also Embassy Kitchen.

Hi @linus,

Sea Harbour or Elite could definitely accommodate 10 in one of their larger tables / rooms. But not sure if you can make a reservation this late in the day (same day). If it’s another day at 11 a.m. probably?

I got taken to Shanghai Restaurant once (generic name, on Valley Blvd.). It was decent Shanghai food, and they have plenty of large tables / side rooms.

140 W Valley Blvd, Suite 212
San Gabriel, CA 91776
Tel: (626) 288-0991

Assuming you don’t mean this Sunday because FTC’ers do not work well on 2-3 hour deadlines, then go to Din Tai Fung

Order takeout, then head down the street to the Arboretum, and kick it in style with the elders with a picnic on the garden grounds.


apologies all. this is for in a couple weeks. that’s why i thought reservations might be possible.

because of mobility issues, i’m afraid chairs and tables and other restaurant accoutrement a must.

While Sea Harbour takes reservations for dinner, I don’t think they will for weekend dim sum.

Then definitely DTF.

Yes, I know, DTF does not take reservations. But the youngins (i.e. YOU) just need to get there early, put name down, and wait.

Both King Hua and Lunasia take reservations for dim sum, for parties six and larger.

At least that’s what I’ve been told :slight_smile:

The Lunasia in Pasadena definitely does for weekend dim sum service during midday hours.

The one in Alhambra will. Sometimes.

I was told that at both Lunasia locations.

Then again, I have a semi-minnie mouse voice, so maybe they’re Disney fans and thought they’d be helping out Mickey and family?!

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8 and larger in my experience. By which I mean I’ve made reservations for parties of 8 at Lunasia (in Alhambra on a Saturday) and, I think Sea Harbour and China Red too. At Lunasia 8 was the threshold I was given.

Chang’s Garden might be a good option too with a lot of milder, more accessible options.

I like to throw Shanghai No 1and 888. In general if you cannot make a reservation, see if you can book a banquet room.

Shanghai No 1 will let you make reservations for dim sum. Especially with the large party.

Get the pan fried buns.

Don’t miss the egg tart.

I’ve def made reservations at the Alhambra Lunasia; I think the # I was given was 6. And, as @ipsedixit mentioned, I think most upscale Chinese places will let you grab a number well in advance, if they don’t allow for reservations.

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reading another thread, would grand harbor in temple city be a good choice?

If it doesn’t have to be Dim Sum then I’d say Newport Seafood

Go to Lunasia, I was just there with a group of 10 and 2 no showed but it was no problem… I love the fond and it is good service.

Not SGV but Meizo Dongpo in Century City.

The peking duck and the dongpo pork hock are really good.

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have been to meizo dongpo with ye olde folkes many times, as it
was closer than the sgv.
however, this time, they’re headed to parts east and are going to leave
right from the restaurant.
thus, the SGV and it’s great joints are ‘required’ here.

Duck House right across from Elite.

Get the boneless stuffed chicken.

Also if you feel like splurging try the Buddha Jumpling Over the Fence ($225, pre-order).