Shaanxi Datang - Northern Chinese at the Hong Kong Plaza in West Covina

So I’m not all that versed in Chinese geography, but I did quickly determine that the food was from Northern China.

We were headed to some halloween activities out that way and wanted Malaysian, Google said Penang Malaysian was open, but it was shuttered when we showed up so we scrambled for a backup. Rowland Heights and Diamond Bar where I have a number of bookmarks (thanks to yall) were too far at this point and then I happened to notice a store-front 100 feet away by without very much English which immediately awarded won our business.

It’s a simple place with a very sweet crew who were very curious about us joining them.

For me the standout was the handpulled noodle lamb soup. Such a light, herbacious broth, nice fatty lamb and a very chewy unxious noodle which I heard being properly slapped in the kitchen .

They also make their version of a flat bread and use it in various dishes. We got this one with a roasted pork filling they comically refer to as a pork burger for the kids.

very nice fried rice

really lovely green beans, which i believe were fried in very hot oil.

of course for the 3 people at the table into gastronomical excitement the croaker in chilis was the winner

amazing grilled lamb skewers (better than feng mao for me) and nice dumplings (we opted for pork and chives) which i didn’t get to memorialize due to the grumblings over my annoying 2 second photos…


It all looks delish, and the noodles and green beans (!) look esp good…

You ordered well! (except the rice dish, which is more of a Southern Chinese thing)


My sister got that. She eats to survive

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that looks like dried tofu in the lamb noodle soup. i don’t recall seeing dried tofu in shaanxi cooking before.