Shake n Bake substitutes (easy homemade / box)

Don’t ask why I had a nostalgic taste for Shake n’Bake - maybe it is the excess of pork chops I have (that will be frozen for those I don’t’ use by tomorrow) … anyway, without going into Safeway or similar to buy a sodium and chemical bath for them, are there any packaged decent alternatives, or an easy home recipe that you can suggest?

The simple homemade original was seasoned flour in a paper bag. I think I learned it from Joy of Cooking.

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Anyway, to bake instead of fry, use breadcrumbs and some oil instead of flour.

If frying I use the old flour/egg/panko.

I roll chicken pieces. Preferably legs and thighs in melted butter. Then put it in a bag of seasoned flour shake off excess and bake at 425 for around an hour comes out great. No egg needed. Light and crispy

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This is all about baking …

Didn’t realize that one couldn’t fry with shake and bake.

My grandma used to love her S&B, and years ago switched to Progresso Italian bread crumbs, with or without a little parmesan mixed in. Tastes about the same from what I remember.

You can. I am looking specifically for recipes that bake well.

One that my mom used to make growing up. It was always one of our favorites. I think she got it from a newspaper clipping.

Mix 1.5 cups bread crumbs with 1 envelope Lipton Onion soup mix. Using 1 cut up chicken, coat the pieces with 1/4 cup mayonnaise, then roll in the bread crumbs mixture. Baked on a greased cookie sheet at 375-400* for 30-40 minutes until chicken is done.

I don’t remember the original baking temp or minutes. I just go by sight. You want it to be a golden brown color. If you are using boneless chicken, it’ll cook faster than bone-in chicken. I’ve done pork chops this way too. It’s great using chicken tenders too – I do that for picnics and football games as they taste good cold/room temp too.

Ah, since you didn’t say that I just made an assumption. I find frying just about as easy so didn’t think about it really.