Shake Shack To Open in DTLA


Shake Shack to open in downtown Los Angeles


Article basically says that in addition to the West Hollywood location, Shake Shack also plans to open in DTLA and across from the Americana shopping center in Glendale.

Is this a must-try place?? FTC-worthy?

There’s one in Vegas open right now. You can even do a back-to-back comparison with In-N-Out in Vegas.

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Cements are worth it.

I think it’s “concrete” isn’t it? Or am I wrong?

I ate one in Vegas. It’s just soft serve… I don’t get it.

Seems like a trend with the NYC places. They act like we’re being graced by God whenever one of their revered food establishments deigns to open in CA, and our reaction is usually somewhere between “I don’t get it” and “yeah that’s OK, not bad.”

See, e.g., Halal Guys; Five Guys,

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It’s a good burger. When you’re in NYC. And Five Guys is too far to walk to in the cold.

You’ve captured the whole ethos of NYC dining perfectly here.

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Something’s afoot when Shake Shack is opening units and Wal Mart is shutting them down.

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Yeah my bad

The Jackpot concrete is pretty tasty

Five Guys is one of the most overrated burgers


Interesting that they’re opening up SS at the site of a former club. That’s a pretty far cry from the setups they have in NYC, but we’ll see what they come up with in that space.

I mean SS is good and all, but some website acutely noted that a single SS burger is more expensive than an entire combo at InO.

Who is “they”? I don’t get the resentment towards NYC restaurants. No one in NYC freaked out when Sasabune opened in NYC.

In fact, I’d argue the LA crowd is a bit hypersensitive about restaurants from other cities opening here (see Pok Pok). Variety and free market is a good thing.

It’s just good old fashioned capitalism. Not NYC trying to subjugate LA.


It’s good, but the pricing warrants a comparison vs. places like golden state and plan check, not in n out.

And hence the comparison.

SS is at least 1-2 levels below Golden State and Plan check…so in that case, they suck horribly (relatively speaking).

Dat foodie cred…id order it again if convenient.


No, it isnt.

so uh what is that?

Some chicken sand they are selling right now. I guess they are venturing into higher quality chicken sands?

Five Guys is from DC/VA, not NYC, but I’m with you re the Halal Guys. Never got the love for their food even when I lived in NY.

That said, Shake Shack is on another level from either of those places. Not anything I’d wait in a long line for, mind you, but sufficiently delicious that I’m looking forward to their arrival in LA.

Mushroom stack (deep fried portobello stuffed with cheese, on top of a burger) here I come!

Wait, what? Are you talking about Shake Shack here? Because even a Double Shack is several dollars less than a burger at Golden State or Plan Check.