Shake Shack's First LA Location Opens March 15 in West Hollywood

Article here, via Eater LA.

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I’m super excited about this. Just wish the parking situation was a little better around there. Anyone have any tips?

Question: Will LA really care?

If by “care” you mean patronize the business heavily, to the extent that there are queues out the door, then I think Los Angeles will indeed care.

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I thought the chix sand was quite good. Also I am a big fan of their concretes. Total ripoff but they are tasty.


I actually meant tips for where to park, but that chicken sandwich does look mighty fine! I’m a big fan of the 'Shroom Burger myself.

Ugh I tried the chicken sandwich the other day and was amused, but not too impressed. I don’t get Shake Shack…

I mean there are meters all the way up and down that stretch with people constantly rotating. Alternatively go down la cienega, then willoughby, then the side streets if you can’t find. but shouldnt be an issue.

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Good to know about the metered parking. I’m usually on the other side of the street, so I was unaware.

But I don’t mind mind walking a little farther for parking that’s free and/or easier. So, I’m curious if anyone has any tips for parking on side streets, even if only during the day.

You mentioned the ones off of La Cienega and Willoughby, but most of those seem to be permit only 24/7. Can you be more specific?

Willoughby isn’t permits. Neither is Waring also Kings rd.

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You’re right. Many thanks!

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