Shawarma Guys

Ok, so there’s been a big deal made of Yelp’s 100 best naming our local Shawarma Guys food truck as #1. Has anyone been? What did you think? What would you suggest ordering–I could go with the Yelpers recs, but I trust you folks more.

Not been, but by golly the food must be very, very good if it gets Yelp’s #1 in the nation medal!

Wow! Several notches above what you can get at the likes of, say, French Laundry or Addison, for example. Or similar places.

Now, that’s impressive.

TY Yelpers! I’ll save a LOT of money!

Well, but OK. I’m sure the food is tasty, and the photos look very good. I’ll get there sometime soon.

But #1 best in the country? [Cough, Cough]

No. I’m sorry. Not. Just not.

Totally agree with the absurdity of a food truck getting #1 in the nation. I am curious, however, and plan to go on a weekday as they open in the near future–wanted to let the hoopla die down a bit. On a similar vein, I tried out the new Popeye’s on 2800 block of El Cajon Blvd (Utah). I have to say it was quite good, and there was NO wait at 10:30 am.