Have you tried?

I seem to match their Instagram demographic and have been poking around on their website. Has anyone tried? What were your thoughts? I remember Josephine from years ago but never tried it but I think the micro kitchen laws have changed. Edited to add…Tried to order from not cooking for. There is figuratively too much on my plate.

The state has a framework for microenterprise home kitchen operations (MEHKOs), but Riverside might still be the only county that’s licensing them. Elsewhere they’re unlicensed / underground.

I finally broke down, have ordered a bunch of times, and am now a Shef evangelist. Really happy with the variety, quality and value we’ve had so far. I’m cheap so I make rice at home instead of ordering it. We don’t have a microwave, so my reheating techniques are old school/ more effort.

I can’t remember all of my shefs but have had:
Turkish boreks
South Indian
North Indian

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