Sherry Yard is finally (almost) back

Looks like she is getting a restaurant and bake shop!

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Sherry Yard totally fell off my radar. This was supposed to open how long ago? Thanks for pointing this out.

At least 3 years? I think. Looks like she might sell some cookies out of a Helms Bakery truck as promo on site. Maybe worth checking out.

Wasn’t this supposed to be a collaboration with Sang Yoon? Was/am expecting good things. Really good things.

It still is AFAIK. I believe they have a test kitchen hidden on site and she does the ice cream sandwiches for F.O. and most likely deserts for Lukshon as well. The Breakfast/lunch place will be a colab would be my guess.

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Memories… Our Helm’s guy was Bill forr all the years we had the Helm’s truck come down our street.

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