Shin Sushi - OOE omakase

i had a disappointing omakase here pre-covid. the biggest issue was temperature. every piece of nigiri that wasn’t blow-torched was jarringly cold and really detracted from the experience. for a restaurant at this level, with two seatings, a fixed menu, and everyone being served at the same time, there’s really no reason for this to happen. take-san can easily pre-cut the fish he plans to serve and let it come up to room temperature before serving. instead, he takes the fish out of the chiller, cuts, and serves. it’s too bad, his sushi can be so much better if it was just served at the proper temp.

hotaru ika (firefly squid)

fat bastard oyster, ikura

ankimo (monkfish liver)

tai (japanese sea bream)

kasugo (baby sea bream)

yukimasu (snow trout)

hotate (scallop)

katsuo (bonito)

kurodai (black sea bream)

akami (lean bluefin tuna)

iwashi (sardine)

amaebi miso soup

amaebi (sweet shrimp)

gindara (black cod)

nijimasu (rainbow trout)

chutoro (medium fatty tuna)

ebo dai (japanese butterfish)

zuwaigani (snow crab)

ikura (salmon eggs)

saba (mackerel)

isaki (japanese grunt fish)

uni (santa barbara)

toro taku

kanpyo (teppo) maki

dessert 1 - lychee ice cream

dessert 2


So sorry it was disappointing, but your pictures are beautiful.


@PorkyBelly 's pictures are so good I am tempted to run his fingerprints and see if he has any priors



Hmmm… My February omakase seating here did not suffer from this problem.

But yeah, that sort of thing shouldn’t happen at a sushi-ya of this caliber.


Hi @PorkyBelly,

Bummer to hear. Our final Omakase at Shin was the day before shutdown (our last supper) and everything was at the right temperature, nothing chilled / too cold. It was quite good. Agreed it shouldn’t happen for a place striving to achieve a certain level of quality.


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Was able to snag a last minute deluxe chirashi and man that thing was amazing. For me, better than what I got at Shunji - I like the wide variety of textures here and I found it more filling for the same price.


If things work out, I am preparing to do this bang next week. Pepperoni pizza is a must…is there anything you fine folks recommend? Calling @PorkyBelly, @moonboy403, @JeetKuneBao, @Chowseeker1999, @noddles, and others with previous experience. FYI, I am planning on procuring both chirashi and nigiri if Chef allows it.

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They will re-open for takeout 6/10 Wednesday per their latest social media post FYI, 5 pm to 7 pm (Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat) and you should call in your order.

Menu listed per their social media, $48 Deluxe Chirashi, and $38 Regular. No mention of nigiri, you should ask Take-san by phone. Call ASAP as quantities are limited.

Have fun on your bang bang!

If you have time drop by Woodland Hills wine about 15 to 20 mins away before hand for shopping (or browsing). There is a very small sake selection there, but it’s more about the wine.


That’s my first order of business tomorrow after 10AM. I’m going to see if Chef can make my nigiri request come true.


I have a hard time making any decisions so I just go OOE for the most part!!


You can also do halfsies for whole pies at Pizza Wagon if you wanna try some other toppings. The only other topping that I’ve tried is the pesto which is good too. Or OOE slice ala @moonboy403. :smile:

You’ll have to sort of get lucky to score some nigiri at Shin Sushi. They’ll acccomodate if they aren’t too busy. Otherwise, it’s strictly chirashi. As @beefnoguy suggested, call ASAP! Good luck!

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On second thought, call Woodland Hills wine and see what their latest policy is before you go to “browse”. Website says curbside pickup available, so maybe they don’t allow customers inside right now due to SIP, not sure. Strangely up here, K&L is curbside pickup or delivery only, but Total Wine and More and some mom and pop wine shops, allow you to go inside and buy as long as you have a mask.

Hopefully you’ll score nigiri, would love to see pictures!

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Woodland Hills Wine is going to be totally outside of the geo zone travel for this adventure. That’s too far northeast for me. Remedy in Glendale would likely be more ideal.

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Will you be passing West LA? If you, you’ll be passing by Wine House and 2020 Wines. I haven’t been to the latter, but I believe that @J_L has mentioned it before.

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I’ve been to the Wine House…excellent selection and options. I usually drop by when I find myself in the area, but alas, the Westside is nowhere near my planned travel route. Thanks for the note, @paranoidgarliclover!

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if you’re looking for another bang, check out anajak thai just down the street from pizza wagon. they’ve been in business for 39 years and get all their seafood from the joint. Ask for the diver scallops with xo sauce, I just banged it with pizza wagon last night and it was excellent. Will be trying their dry aged fish, salmon head, and bangkok shrimp next. Oh and get the garlic sticks with a side of marinara at pizza wagon.


Great sear on those scallops!

So update on Shin Sushi.
I called and was able to order the chirashi, but Chef doesn’t have the ability to do nigiri this week.
He also informed me that this week would be his last week of take-out as they will be opening up their dining room for guests next week. He promises that there will be a formal announcement on social media later this week.


and here it is, no sushi bar and limited seating:

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