Ketchup crimes and misdemeanors

let me save you the trouble, my priors include putting ketchup on hot dogs, putting ranch on pizza, toasting bagels, paying $35 for a pint of gelato, and eating cold sushi.


Ketchup on hot dogs punishable by death where I’m from. Everything else is not even a misdemeanor.

My daughter only eats hot dogs with ketchup. My biggest parent fail.


If you cop a plea on the bagel toasting we will drop the ketchup on the dogs. You will have to continue your community service (for the duration of the pandemic) of keeping LA FTC up-to-date with all breaking dishes, menus and re-opening (or closing) joints.


I unashamedly put ketchup on hot dogs


Ketchup on fried rice? Yes or no? What sayeth the peanut gallery?


Hong Kong cafe style baked pork chop rice where the sauce is ketchup base on top of pork chops, and undeneath is fried rice. Kind of cheating with all those layers and better with some cheese in the mix, but legit!


Does omurice count?

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I was more asking about Chinese style of fried rice.

(and the ketchup on the omurice is de rigeur…)



Not my thing, but I have tried adding ketchup to Shin Ramyun. That is good!

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I sometimes add ketchup to the fried rice along with the soy sauce, etc. during cooking. Does that count?

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Many Hawaiians add ketchup to their bacon fried rice. My Grandpa used to do it to every fried rice he at, and all of his friends did it too. My brother to this day adds ketchup to his fried rice. I am more of a sunny side up egg on fried rice type of person.


I say hard no. I knew korean kids who did it back in the day and I was always grossed out.

It’s like ketchup on eggs another thing that I disagree with.

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Well now that we are on a ketchup tangent, ketchup chips anyone? :rofl:


Toasting bagels, if they’re more than 4 hours old, is at best a misdemeanor. Ranch on pizza, though, is a hanging offense. And cold sushi is its own punishment.

You mean less than four hours?

No. If they’re less than four hours old, bage!s are better untoasted.

Oh, I get it. You’re saying that toasting bagels is OK if they’re not fresh.

Corollary: if a fresh bagel needs to be toasted, it’s a lousy excuse for a bagel.

Yes, related!