Shocking QPR: Pizza Romana!menu/c1i8r

Been going there since they opened and it really should be a lot more packed given their pricing for this area. And price doesn’t appear to be increasing

Food is really quite good. It’s not just a simple pizza place. Their lasagna side is fairly big and only 8$, nice meatballs, nice prosciutto, mozza, arugula salad under 10. Loads of great pizzas under 10… had the Amatriciana last night was best I’ve had there because of the super porky guancale.

Gelato from Sicily.

Plenty of other good dishes

Tons of Italian wines in the 20-30 range. Had a very decent bottle for 20 last night! Unheard of.

Had a pizza, mac and cheese side for the kid, prosciutto cheese salad, lasagna and a bottle of wine for 53$!!!

Really nice Somm there, related to owner, going to start a tasting program. Highly suggested.

Sorry no pics.


$9 for the same pies being slung for $18 everywhere else?? holy cow… and right on La Brea/Melrose? How is this possible??

Is this the place Cube flipped into?

It’s really weird. Olio is closed now. So we really only have Prova in this area. Granted their dough/crust game isn’t up to par with Olio but their toppings sure are better. Really weird. Their communal wine room is really dope too. Yes same owner as Cube I believe. Flew in a huge gorgeous hybrid pizza oven from Italy.


The food is great and the prices reasonable. The pizzas are very good and don’t miss the fried chicken! They are a client of mine (full disclosure), so here are some pics:


it’s a combo gas and wood burning oven. So you get the smoky taste from the wood, but consistent heat from the gas.

yes. that’s why i said hybrid. but appreciate the better detailed description. thanks for the photos assist as well. glad other dig it. my girl was swooning on that Somm yesterday. we got pretty friendly

sure, no problem. I’m all for getting more folks to try their food (that’s my job after all ;)). They don’t have a somm as far as I know (unless something changed recently) you may have been talking to the owner.

he said he’s the owner’s cousin and he’s kind of the wine guy but referred to himself as a somm. worked for me.

you’re some sort of a restaurant promoter?

Interesting. The owner is a wine guy (as well) and put together the all Italian wine program.

design director @ a creative firm. I did the design/branding work for the restaurant.

La b=Brea and melrose? $8 margharita?

I have an 8pm movie sunday night at Fairfax (Liqud Sky, w/ Director Q&A afterwards, if that’s your sorta thing).

I think I know where I’m gonna swing by for dinner.

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We like the feel of the place. Well done. A tad bright in there i suppose.

Thanks—they had already taken care of the architecture/interior design rebuild and we were brought in after that to finish up the graphic design and branding (logo, signage, menu design, advertising, print materials, etc.). Yes, it’s a bit bright in there during evening hours—we’ve mentioned that to them and hopefully they’ll find a way to dim it a bit when it’s dark out.

….and to stay on topic: I think it’s a great neighborhood place to pop in and grab pizza, a side and wine. The quality of the ingredients are really high (many are sourced and imported from Italy), great selection of Italian wines at very reasonable prices and they grow a lot of the veggies themselves in their garden. You can also reserve their wine room at no additional charge for parties or group events.

No need to apologize. A knowledgeable opinion is worth a thousand pics, and this place sounds great.

pizzas looks pitfire-ish based on yelp pics?

Pitfire is Neapolitan style and PR is Roman style, but both are cooked quickly in a wood burning oven. The dough here is fermented for 24hours so it’s lighter/not as dense and is best eaten right from the oven (vs take-out or delivery).

re: neo vs roman, interesting…Today I learned…

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also Pitfire is far inferior in both crust and toppings. No comparison. Go for Amatriciana first!

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yes, PR is much better.

Are you maybe thinking of 800 Degrees? Because Pitfire isn’t what I think of as Neapolitan style. Neapolitan is the kind with the wet center.