Short notice -- lunch from Beachwood Canyon to Westside

Hello. I’m off to see some used furniture in the Beachwood Canyon area today and then will be driving back to the westside. Anything along the route that would make for an interesting and relatively quick lunch for a solo diner?

You aren’t too far from Thai town. Maybe head down to Sapp coffee shop


When Im in that area, I like going to an old favorite standby middle eastern spot Al Wazir. Great shawarma.

6051 Hollywood Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90028


Ah, if only I had seen @kennymagic’s post earlier (since I had Thai on Sunday). Haven’t had Middle Eastern in a long while.

At any rate, went to Sapp’s. My first (and only other) visit was a few yrs ago, and I didn’t much enjoy it. Found the jade noodles kind of bland. Thought I’d give it another chance, since it’s so popular on the board.

Hadn’t seen the discussion of self-seasoning on the Northern Thai Food Club thread prior to arriving today, but I had read about it in another read awhile ago (likely in the Pok Pok thread). And so, this time around, I had fish sauce, a few drops of chili oil, chili powder (which really only added smokiness and umami, more than heat), and I squeezed the damn lime wedge for all it was worth. Success. I actually could’ve used another lime wedge (to help balance the sweet from the duck), but I greatly enjoyed the jade noodles this time around. I also I just have a greater understanding of how balancing flavors work now (from reading here and esp from salt.acid.fat.heat on Netflix), I’d like to think.

Also, when I last came, it was w/ a friend for dinner. Friend and I don’t see each other that often, so I think I was looking for more of an “event” dinner. Sapp works well as a quick and cheap, and the noodles aren’t so rich that you feel tired afterward (and it really does feel like something you could have multiple times per wk). Many thanks for the reminder, @aaqjr. :slight_smile: