Shot through the heart @ Gunsmoke

Had a terrific meal at this Hollywood newbie Friday evening.
Great location and outdoor- indoor setting.
Drinks and service were excellent
Ran about 80% of the menu w/ @chewchow
Took a lot of shitty pictures of excellent food.

Highlights -
Shiitake with crunchy French bread - in a escargot style prep and serving plate
Both crudos (esepcaiily a tuna with spanish ham that gets stuffed into a “gnocchi fritto” (like a hot pocket.
Warm Cabbage Salad (a neat variation on a Cesar)
Fried Quail w/ Peruvian ahi and fried lemon slices
A focaccia (that was like a thick scallion pancake) with ricotta and fruit

Really good deserts too!



Brandon Kida (Hinoki & The Bird) has a hit on his hands. Skillful FOH led by Tasting Kitchen alum, Nadia. Shout out to excellent pastry by Julie (Hinoki, Petit Trois SO). Wine list very limited at the moment, so consider $30 cork. Excellent cocktails. Opened ~2 weeks ago.

More shitty photos

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We went last week as well. Overall, I really enjoyed the meal though no one at the table (half of whom were JA) felt like the food captured much of nikkei vibe but that’s totally fine.

White fish crudo, with diced oro blanco and a burnt scallion oil. Bright and slightly bitter. Nice but not that memorable. Probably wouldn’t order again. 7.5/10

Warm cabbage salad with a green goddess dressing, parm and crispy anchovies. “Warm cabbage salad” may not sell itself on its name but this was an awesome dish: soft and melty with layers of savoriness. Probably would have gone nice with a piece of toast. Absolutely would order again. 10/10

Artichoke fritter, done tempura-style with a rice flour batter, topped with pureed artichoke and spiced vinegar. Crispy on the outside, dense and chewy on the inside. It feels heavy so I’m glad we split it into quarters. Would order again. 8.5/10

Lamb sisig with pickled jicama and soy vinegar. This was also served with a separate plate of gem lettuce, cilantro, shiso leaf and a chili paste so you could create your own lettuce cups. Didn’t remind me of a classic Filipino pork sisig but the char on the lamb was great and this would have been phenomenal on top of a rice bowl. Would order again. 9/10

Rockfish with fresh herbs, mini-cherry tomatoes, sambal, and fried shallots. You can’t really see the fish here (it’s there, I promise!) but this a nicely executed bit of seafood, especially with the mix of flavors. Maybe just a touch underseasoned though. Wouldn’t order it again but glad we tried it. 7.5/10

Melon pavlova with melon balls, melon granita and cream cheese frosting. I thought it was the weakest dish we had all night: too sweet and lacking in enough melon flavor. For what it’s worth, my wife really liked it though. 6/10


Had a fantastic meal at Gunsmoke last night.

Food was excellent, cocktails delicious.

Valet parking is $5 an hour (great deal) so much better to valet then park in the neighborhood.

My shitty photos are not as good as other’s shitty photos but I’ll post a few of the hits.

Warm Cabbage Salad is the salad of the year. Never had anything like it, should have ordered one for each of us. Grilled warm cabbage in a green goddess like dressing with tarragon and anchovies.
I could write a three page essay on this salad, it is that delicious.
The presentation was beautiful and the taste amazing. We even used the bread from other dishes to mop up all the dressing. 10/10 possible dish of the year

The Artichoke Fritter was another favorite, Absolutely delicious. We ate every bite.

Mushrooms were a great tasty treat with a nice baguette to mop up the tasty sauce.

Crispy Quail and the California Rockfish were also delicious and had the right amount of kick and spice.

Looking forward to returning to try the lamb and eat as much warm cabbage salad as I can eat.




Had Dinner plans here on Friday, wasn’t the best experience IMO, but can understand that they’re trying iron out a lot of the operations, more of that in a later section.


Local Tuna - Country Smoked Ham Gnocco Fritto - $28
IMO, tuna was off this day or something. Tuna tasted too fresh, that is not enough time for the tuna to actually age and develop any flavor of its own. I think this dish has potential as it’s fun to rip apart the gnocco fritto and eat with the tuna, however, the tuna itself seems like it didn’t have the time to develop the umami that other places would have. Definitely felt like egregiously bad QPR @ $28.

Warm Cabbage Salad| parmigiano reggiano, crispy anchovies, green goddess dressing - $16
Probably highlight dish of the night, thanks for the guidance FTC! Complex, umami, fresh, creamy, charred, crunchy, I think there’s some dill and fennel in there too for a nice anise note. I’d rather eat 2 of these than 1 of the tuna above.

Mushrooms | Garlic Soy Butter, Baguette – Emulating Escargot - $18


  • love the medley of mushrooms, seems like king oyster mushrooms, creminis, and oyster mushrooms.
  • Baguette was super soft and fluffy with a paper thin outside. Gave me a lot of vietnamese banh mi vibes [different from French b/c high concentration of rice flour, which eliminates a lot of the gluten]


  • garlic soy butter wasn’t as flavorful as I’d wish. Soy sauce + butter is an incredible combination that is usually an intense and borderline overwhelming umami bomb, and this felt a little too restraint in exploring that.
  • Similarly, if you’re going to describe something as escargot-like, i do expect that addicting quality of an irresponsible amount of garlic that’s been cooked in butter [in this case, i was also hoping for the garlic to be cooked in a delicious soy sauce + butter combo, but this felt really light in flavor]

The dish has an incredible idea and premise with a lot of potential, however, definitely needs to amp up its flavor, which I think should be a relatively easy adjustment. The server was quick to notice that we had used up all of the baguette and brought over a second one to soak up the sauce, so we appreciated that!

California Rockfish| Sambal, Crispy Shallots - $43
This was tasty! Perfectly cooked rockfish with a really tasty medley of SE asian herbs, and the cherry tomato quality was awesome. Definitely had a Vietnamese quality that I’m familiar with. Not the best QPR, but still tasty and not a terrible choice!

Lamb Sisig | Pickled jicama, soy vinegar - $32
Couldn’t get an isolated photo of it, but it’s served with a side of bib lettuce, shiso, mint, and shredded scallions to enjoy with.
This was fun to eat but definitely doesn’t taste like a sisig to me, idk i’m not a filipino and not an expert. Agreed with @owang that we thought this wouldve been amazing on some rice too.

This gave me a PF Changs chicken lettuce cup vibe in that the protein has this burnt-soy quality to it, and what I thought to be a house ssamjang/chili sauce to give some funk to your lettuce wrap. Pretty and well-executed, but not in love with the concept.

Service & Massive Missteps

  • Our reservation was 7:30, we got fully seated at 7:40, and probably ordered everything by 8:00 pm. Our main courses, the lamb sisig and the rockfish, didn’t come out until 9:20pm, and the overall pacing of dishes in between was not amazing. The restaurant was definitely not full, I dare even say below 50% of seating capacity, but I obviously don’t have insights into what staffing looks like, so the staff could be short-staffed and operating at full capacity, but the optics don’t look great as a diner.

  • When we ordered a second round of drinks, there was some miscommunication where our server mentioned that the bar was unable to make a cocktail because they ran out of an ingredient, only for them to tell us a few moments later that they had the ingredient downstairs. A non-issue, but for the price and overall experience the restaurant is trying to communicate, this doesn’t really inspire confidence.

  • Another dining partner who had the oysters( 6 oysters for $18), says the oysters had shells fragments in them and were incorrectly shucked. At this price point, pretty unacceptable. They also claimed they got food poisoning later, and the only thing they did eat were the oysters.

Closing Thoughts

I think Gunsmoke has a lot of potential, and you see sparks of brilliance with a lot of rough edges that can definitely be cleaned up. I definitely had my expectations going in that this was going to be another trendy-heavy investor-focused restaurant that is going to cater to a WeHo crowd with muted flavors and less-than-stellar QPR, and I don’t think my opinion has changed much after dining there.

I don’t think I’ll be back anytime soon, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give it a try.


Thanks for sharing!

$3 per oyster isn’t too shabby a price!
But poorly shucked is a crime for a good oyster.


Agreed! No issues paying $3 for quality oysters. Would much rather pay $3 than to gamble on $1 oyster happy hours :nauseated_face:

On my second visit - we had pristine oysters all raved about the mignonette - sounds like an inexperienced shucker/growing pains.


Visited this past Saturday and agree with everyone’s take. The one question I have is the focaccia with ricotta and stone fruit while delicious I thought the small slices and dices of stone fruit was an odd choice. Seems like in August you’d highlight the stone fruit. I tasted a slice of a yellow fruit, possibly a pluot, and it was delicious. But blended with the ricotta and focaccia I couldn’t taste it at all. And whatever the diced fruit was had almost no flavor.

Per their IG: Closed permanently.

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