Shrimp paste stuffed _____?

The stuffed chicken in this thread reminded me how I love me some shrimp paste stuffed into any kind of crevice or orifice. What are your favorites? I recently had some shrimp stuffed squash blossoms from status kuo that were amazing.


how about we stuff the shrimp paste with sugar cane?


that works too

How about this Shrimp Paste dish at Luv2Eat… really good but watch out… fire.


No longer on the menu, alas. I told my server that I hope it returns to Status Kuo.


what’s a good place for this?

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Sea Cucumbers @ Sea Harbour

The dish is called chao tom. It can be commonly found at com tam and some pho places. I don’t have a “good” place for it, but I’ve never really had a bad version of it either.

Since I don’t live in 626/714 anymore, I just get it from Pho 999.

On a related note, tau hu ky (bean curd wrapped shrimp paste, fried) is also awesome.

My place for this is Com Tam Trung Qui Cap on Harbor in Santa Ana, but it’s a common side dish/topping for com tam dishes.


I love these dishes…and I think you’re right about the places that usually sell them. Any place that sells a nice plate of com tam or bun oftentimes have these as a side included with the grilled meats. I’m lucky enough to have a mom who makes these on occasion, so I need only but ask.

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Haven’t had much luck with them here in LA. The sugarcane is typically dried out, nothing to gnaw on and shrimp doesn’t have a nice bouncy texture.

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Here’s the pho 999 chao Tom. Surprisingly, while it looks terrible, the sugarcane was really good today. Lots of shrimpy sugar juice.



I had an ABSOLUTELY fantastic meal at Kato this week.
Place is the shit.
Once it gets booze and “discovered” I think it will be one of LA’s new Hot Spots.

One course was Tofu Skin stuffed w/Shrimp Paste, loved it.


Yeah, Kato be rockin’ right now…

It is also used in stir frys

Ong Choy and Shrimp Paste is pretty popular, with garlic and red chiles.

where can i get some non-dim sum stuffed eggplant?

Go Go Cafe in Arcadia.

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Just curious. Do you want the eggplant stuffed with shrimp paste or possibly other things?

shrimp paste

Is there a link to that? I can’t find one.