Shunji Last Night - Just Two Highlights

It was an incredible meal, maybe the best I ever had there.
But I wanted to highlight just two dishes I never had previously.

Shirako “Tofu”
It is not really tofu but shirako mellowed with custard and dashi
My dining partner - some here may recall his fucking posts - called it “Gateway Shirako.” It was sublime.


Something I called “Shunji’s Surf n’ Turf” - an Uni Roll with Waygu wrapper. Quite a delectable combo.


looks interesting and that aint no fuckin joke!

@CiaoBob awesome! :slightly_smiling: So wish I decided to go last night (but everyone decided on something else, boo).

Give our f*cking regards to your dining partner. :wink:

The surf n’ turf looks particularly decadent!

I hope my bite of the year has not already occurred on January 21st…but it might have!

Out of curiosity, are these types o things only served to regulars? Or on the menu for everyone?

@aesthete, They may or may not be on the menu, but that doesn’t mean they’re only served to regulars. Some dishes may only be available as part of the omakase, though generally if someone ordering a la carte sees a dish someone else is having, they can order it too.

@ciaobob, I remember that shirako tofu from last year. It was amazing!

Any idea where the shirako is from?

If from Hokkaido, it’s effin’ sublime right now.

Thanks for the pics! Custard & dashi, creative genius!

I never look at the menu and I am a regular so I really cannot answer for sure.
That said, I doubt it is on the menu, and I doubt it is only served to regulars; probably served to omakase customers or any customers who ask - if he has it.

I believe he said it was.
A little scallop nori-taco he made was definitely “Hokkaido-ian” and was also fantastic.

Was there rice in that meal or was this some sort of Atkins / paleo omakase?

Do you have a picture of this? because it sounds amazing.

sorry - no shots - it was amazing but gone in a flash

As much as I like photos, I tend not to take many b/c it inteferes too much w/ my eating. :wink:

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I was Shunji’s guinea pig for that surf-n-turf creation a few weeks back, and gave him the “green light” on it.

Oh, the things I do in the name of advancing science…


You know you’re just showing off at this point, yes? :wink:

Every dish I had they told me, “JL loved this one.”


I’m almost certain I’ve had that dish my last visit 5/2015 but I didnt take pictures that visit so I can’t say with 100% certainty I have…

Notice that I only greenlight the delicious stuff, yes? :wink:

If it wasn’t posted to Instagram did it really happen?

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