Sichuan Hot Pot--Recommendations?

I’ve long wanted to bring a group of friends to do hot pot. We are relatively high on the spice tolerance side (…for white people), and we love SI and Chengdu Taste, but there is a limit to interest in innards within the group. Is there a really good place to go that would be relatively beginner friendly but we could still sweat our asses off and have a great meal?

Shancheng Lameizi - last time I went here, I left sopping wet during the summer heat. I really enjoy the broth here and they have many different meats and vegetables, including potato which I love with the mala broth. Overall, this is my go to for authentic Sichuan Hot Pot due to the excellent broth, add ins and the array of appetizers.

Hai Di Lao Arcadia - fusion hot pot with high quality ingredients, full bar, excellent dipping sauce bar and really fun atmosphere. The Sichuan spicy broth is pretty spicy, and with the dipping sauce, you can add in Thai bird chilis and make the dipping sauce spicy as hell too. The service is pretty above average so if you need your broth spicier, I am sure they will oblige. The great part here, is that you get your own individual hot pot so it makes eating much easier as the distance between hot pot to dipping sauce is minimal. And they give you splash bags for your phone and eyewear. I would say, while not authentic, it is very beginner friendly.


Love both. Lameizi is particularly great especially if you can snag one the large tables in the back.