Sichuan Lamb Ribs

Many moons ago, when New Chong Qing (formerly at 120 N San Gabriel Blvd) had it’s all-too-brief run as one of our best Sichuan places (they had great Dan Dan’s and a wonderful whole - not filet - water boiled fish), I had a dish of very mouth numbing Sichuan Lamb ribs there.

I have not been able to find a similar dish anywhere else.
Any thoughts?

I had those at the San Gabriel location of Shufeng Yuan (the standout Chengdu-style place before Chengdu Taste). They just recently remodeled at their original (and now, lone again) Rowland Heights location, but unfortunately the lamb ribs are no longer on the menu, replaced by the now ubiquitous “toothpick lamb.”

NCQ was very good during its prime period. I wish I’d have gotten the “uphill alert” when they regained their footing shortly before closing.

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Thanks Jim.
I think you are spot-on: the toothpick lamb phenom has probably dashed any hopes I have of finding this dish, especially at places that identify themselves as Sichuan-ese/Chengdu-ian/Chon Qing-lander. Probably would do better trying to find it a Yunnan-ican self-identifiers.

You’re welcome Bob. Sorry I wasn’t able to think of some place that has them. You know, after you mentioned it, I checked my most recent Yunnan and Yunnan Garden menus and no luck there either. I’m trying to remember the last time I’ve seen Sichuan lamb ribs on a menu. It might be a few days, but let me check through some more of my menus to see if I can turn it up. Maybe someone will save me the trouble and mention some place that has them.

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Shanxi Noodle House in City of Industry does a nice version of the dish. Not much mala, but it is quite spicy and IMO pretty tasty.

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Pair the lamb ribs with their house pilaf (weekends only), which is basically rice cooked in lamb dripping sort of like a Chinese paella, and you’re eating like a king.

Yes, I know. Not Sichuan. I suck.

Thanks @JThur @A5KOBE @ipsedixit for the ideas.

Doesn’t sound like any of those will make my girl happy - she wants it ma la, for sure. Personally, I liked the dish a lot but it doesn’t haunt me as it does her: almost every time I take her to SGV, she loves the food, but asks “Why can’t you find a place that has those ribs?”

I will get to Shanxi Noodle House though - still have not been, and it really looks great.

Now that you mention it, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen them at Yunnan Garden.

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Shanxi Noodle House is a good place to try some different, ultra-Shanxi items, like the oat noodles or buckwheat “crepes” (matchstick type noodles much like the mung bean type). It’s a favorite of mine, though I generally just get the noodles. I don’t know that it’s changed, but it was maddening at times how much they didn’t have even though it was on their menu. But, with plenty of options, just don’t get too enamored of a choice. Figure on the second or third choice (or fourth) and roll with it.

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I think at one time, but it doesn’t appear on my very recent Yunnan Garden menu.

CiaoBob, I’m pretty sure in addition to Omar and Shanxi Noodle House, lamb ribs would turn up at some other northern or western Chinese places, but they wouldn’t be Sichuan-style with that wonderful ma la.