Sichuan restaurants in SGV open at 4:00 pm


Because of my SO’s work hours and movie-going preferences, we frequently eat dinner on Saturdays around 4:00 pm. He really enjoys Sichuan food, but we haven’t had it for a while, because I’ve had some health issues that make dealing with the heat a problem. I’m doing better, and he’s been such a good sport that I don’t mind ordering something bland but mediocre off the menu, if he can get something hot and yummy.

So I’m looking for good SGV Sichuan restaurants that are open at 4:00 pm - I think Nothingness looks open. Any other suggestions? Bonus points if the restaurant serves tea-smoked duck.

Thanks in advance.


Chengdu taste


Thanks so much for your responses - we ended up at Nothingness. We ordered pig kidney, twice cooked pork, the house special diced chicken, and crispy duck in garlic sauce. My SO loved the chicken and the kidney, and we both really enjoyed the twice cooked pork and duck. I couldn’t eat much of the chicken, a bit hot for me, but just smelling it was wonderful. The duck is a bit over-cooked with the frying, but really tasty - like a wonderful Duck McNugget, without too much breading, lots of duck in each nugget, and a really good flavor.

Thanks again!


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The beer duck is better than the crispy duck in my opinion.

Can you describe it? I asked the server and she told me, “It’s duck…with beer.”

Like the equivalent of water boiled fish, but with duck and some beer in the broth for namesake only, cuz your not going to taste any alcohol through all that red chili broth.

Nice. Thanks. I am really enjoying nothingness lately.

I really need to go to Nothingness. What specific dishes do you recommend? I have no qualms with spiciness or “unusual” ingredients… in fact, just the other week I was at Legendary Restaurant in Alhambra and another table commented on how surprised (in a good way) they were to see someone who looks like me thoroughly enjoying the century eggs in the Trick Eggplant dish.

Thank you in advance!

Menu is large and we have only had a fraction of it.
Still have not had the Thunderbolt frog, which the server told me is amazing.
we have really enjoyed these:
Dan Dan noodle
Luhe fish
BBQ Potato
sauteed soybean seedings
beef in cumin sauce
Fried Chicken
Homeade style eggplant

Awesome, thanks! Have also heard good things about the Thunderbolt Frog!

BBQ (flavor) pig brain