Singing the praises of Hai Di Lao in Arcadia

Hai Di Lao doesn’t get much mention on the board… IMO probably the best Chinese chain export so far (along with DTF). The interior design is tasteful and contemporary, competent and attentive service, high quality ingredients and most importantly they’ve managed to keep the restrooms clean!!!

Just make sure you come accessorized with some bling to fit in with the regular clientele…

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What’s the pricing? I’ve heard they’re really pricey, but I don’t know if that’s for SGV or in general.

Went once for lunch and I dropped $60.

I think the best is 85C Degree Bakery. 1 and 1A with DTF.

If you’re just talking about popularity, and overall gross revenue, and market penetration.

Maybe even taste. But it’s not like we really care about that right? Not like we’re a food discussion board or anything.

I agree, it might be just a little bit pricier than Little Sheep but it’s good quality stuff and the noodles are excellent. Worth the carb splurge and worth the visit.

My experience at 85 degrees has been hit or miss…personally I prefer JJ in Arcadia for similarly styled baked products


Doesn’t rate with what I’ve had in Hong Kong or even Vancouver, but by far the best hotpot I’ve seen in the LA area

Expensive for what it is. I think you’re mostly paying for the ambiance and people watching. They do have a noodle item that comes with a performance where the noodle maker dances with the noodles as they get stretched. I like that they have a larger condiments/sauce bar where patrons serve themselves. Meat and vegetable quality is average, so for me, it doesn’t warrant the premium price.

This was my take on Chinese chains. Didn’t mention 85 degrees because there’s an article word limitation and I mention it in an upcoming article (on Chinese desserts).

@nakedsushi glad to see you on the board!

Heh, thanks. I’ve been lurking for a few, but decided to finally contribute.

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where in HK?

Gyujin on Nathan Road

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Definitely on the pricier side for SGV, dinner for two ~ $70. Per person costs comes down with more people. Not a poor QPR IMO.

We’re pretty regular at HDL. For the quality, it’s a good value. We’d have a hard time breaking $60 per head unless we’re continuously ordering prime angus rib eye or the expensive seafood. Lots of organic veggies. The service is terrific. The iPad ordering is clunky, but the servers will do for you. Our usual order:

  • Shrimp dumpling/gnocchi
  • Lotus root
  • Assorted mushrooms
  • Crown daisy
  • Prime angus rib eye
  • Lamb shoulder
  • Noodle dance

Lucky if we break $40 bucks per person with beer and corkage ($10).

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