Sirena (Little Italy)

I know Sirena was written up before at Chowhound (by perhaps @DoctorChow me thinks), but I think it might be nice to do a reboot here.

Last night was our second time at the place. The first was pretty mediocre maybe because we stuck with the rather boring entree selections.

This time we focused on the appetizers and the ceviche. Good call on our part.

Grilled octopus tacos were a nice twist on the tried-and-true fish versions. Came with a nice chimichuri sauce and some pickled onions.

We sample two ceviches. One had coconut milk, ginger, and charred pineapples – fantastic. The other version had lime, chile and roasted sweet potato – interesting, but definitely a sort of acquired taste me thinks.

Rounded out the meal with some empanadas and then finished the night with gelato at Pappalecco.

All, in all, very good meal.

Sirena Gourmet Latin Seafood

I don’t recall previously commenting about Sirena, ipse, but maybe. I’d have to search back. Anyway, I’ve only been once and had to look just now at their menu to try to remember what I had. I definitely had one of the ceviches but can’t remember which, and also the scallops entree. I do recall thinking that my meal was pretty good overall – I left happy – and so I have this place on my “return” list.

I worry about this place.

It was near empty last night.

The location doesn’t help either. Tucked away (literally) off the main strip in Little Italy, in the midst of condos and apartment.

I pull for them, however.

Yes, an odd location. Definitely not a spot one would run across while strolling around in Little Italy looking for a place to eat. You really have to seek it out. I went mid-week some time back and it wasn’t at all busy then, either.

My bad, you were right.

It wasn’t you who had previously reviewed Sirena at Chowhound, but @bluefin2na

NP, ipse. Funny, because I was literally just about to go see if I could find a post I’d made about Sirena. I thought that if so, then I might have mentioned what I had. So now I don’t have to go searching!

I give them until the end of the year

I think RISD also did a review of Sirena and I think Fakey did too shortly after they opened and before the big screens

Yes. As I recall the food was good, but the TV was not.

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So I had dinner at Sirena tonight with my friend Pat (Chilepm on the old board). Far more hits than misses.

We tried 2 ceviches off the Wednesday Ceviche Special menu: Beet Cured Tiraditos and Mango & Shrimp Ceviche. Both were good, both we’d order again. The beet cured tiraditos were nothing short of spectacular. Thin (think sashimi) slices of pristine yellowtail cured with beets. It was absolutely delicious. Came with meyer lemon smear on the plate as well as a very mild beet mousse like sauce. Would order this in a heart beat. The shrimp and mango ceviche was very good as well, lots of large (16-20s most likely) shrimp in a very spicy liquid along with strips of mild red pepper, cilantro and that addictive Peruvian cancha corn. The house taro chips paired exceptionally well with this ceviche.

The blackboard menu had Seafood Wings on it, so of course, we had to try them. Just what is a seafood wing? Turned out to be a stone crab claw that had been scrapped and then reformed with a crab cake-like mixture, breaded and deep fried. It came with a sauce that was far too sweet, but the watercress and habanero aioli on the side was really good, but it couldn’t cut through the sweetness of the sauce on the crab. If you like sweet, this is your dish. The actual crab claw was pretty good.

I had the braised scallop entree and Pat had the grilled octopus. Both were delightful and came with a motherload of veggies, too many veggies in fact.

Skip dessert. The house has a way with seafood and can turn out some really tasty dishes. Sweet endings are not their forte…just trust my sweet tooth on this one.

Two blocks up from India on Columbia, cross street is Fir. Definitely worth checking out.

Yes, they have 2 flat screen TVs in their bar area, both of which were showing the World Series tonight, neither of which had any volume, picture only. I sat with my back to the TVs, they were not a problem.

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Hi DD. Thanks for the detailed review. I hope to go back some time soon. Earlier Herr Honk suggested that with their sparse crowds, that the business might not make it for much longer. Curious as to how busy they were?

We decided to eat early.

My friend arrived a little before 5 pm, I was stuck in traffic. While she waited she had a glass of wine and plate of oysters which she enjoyed immensely. When I walked in closer to 5:30 there was only 1 other table occupied and 1 person at the bar.

When we left, about 7:45 pm there were 4 people at the bar, a deuce and a 6 top that were occupied. I don’t think that’s terribly encouraging for a Wednesday evening in Little Italy, but I sincerely hope HH is wrong on this one. The seafood is quite good, the prices fair and a good value for what you get. I forgot my cell phone yesterday or I would have taken photos :frowning:

Seafood was divine. I arrived earlier than DD and couldn’t resist the “Latin” oysters. So delicately seasoned and topped with micro greens. The after taste lingered pleasantly. The bartender, Mike, was our waiter. Knew the menu and definitely knew how to pair his wines(very short but appropriate list). Pinot Blanc was right on the money. Service was good and not cloying. The place should have been busier given the quality of the food. I would return any time. Favorite of the evening was the Beet cured Tiradito. I’m in agreement with the Diva, dessert is NOT their forte, stick to fish. Loved the octopus and all the veggies.

Place was closed temporarily while they give the place and the menu a face lift. It also has a slight name change, Sirena Cocina Latina. Looks like a little more rustic preparations.

Sirena reopened on 2/10

Peeked inside on Sunday. Looks nice, and they’re now open for lunch (on weekends at least). The new menu has a long list of things that sound tempting. Will go soon.

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I look forward to your report!

I’m SO GLAD you fixed that typo. It was bugging me. I’m not well-adjusted.



Who knew Fakey was a Virgo!