Six hour layover in Zurich... Any good eats?

Hi gang,

Chauncey my pilot reports some silly engine warning light going off in the Bombardier cockpit as we flew over the Alps. Must land for repairs in Zurich - An unexpected layover; one which I am determined to make serendipitous.

Any good eats in Zurich?

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Just go watch shopping…

Been there done that. Let’s try some food!

For only a six hour layover, would you really leave the airport? I’ve not been in the Zurich airport in about 30 years but aren’t there some decent places to eat?

Probably hit the bar in the airport with Chauncey. See what’s available and fly on after repairs.

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Don’t recollect any memorable meals when I was there - just remember hemorrhaging money.

Maybe the rib sticking classics at or the more elevated Kronenhalle?

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@Sgee, would YOU leave that airport for ‘only’ a six hour layover? I’m overly cautious due to almost not making a flight out of Rio - security was a nightmare and they actually (thankfully) were paging us while we were in a line for easily an hour. Call me a ‘travel weenie’ :slight_smile:

I’m one of those travelers where they have to reopen the security door to the gangway …:smile:. So yes totally! Anytime I have a layover >3hrs, I try to leave the airport.

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And they always do that? Hmm. I think you may be someone I wouldn’t like to be on an airplane with. I find large international airports to have a plethora of decent to VERY good eats. I also don’t find every meal to be anything more than “fuel.” Oh, and when you leave an airport, is it always for food. Or perhaps a great art exhibit or the like?

One of the best side trips I ever had was when my husband and I had a four hour (6?) layover (in the early am!) in New Orleans. We’d never been there so, we left the airport, grabbed a cab, had coffee and beignets at Cafe du Monde and then walked around the deserted French quarter at 7am. It was incredible, just us and the ghosts.

Then we grabbed another cab, got back to the airport in time - and were very very happy.


@Happybaker Beats hanging out in the airport with all the miserable louts and paying for lousy overpriced food!


You don’t have access to an airline club? Showers, beds, free food and drinks.

Oh - heres a great airline story (wish I could take credit but, it’s not mine.)

Friend of mine was working a gig overseas. The job wrapped, she started the flights to get home - and ended up being grounded in France (mechanical difficulties). Finally the flight was fully cancelled and folks were sent to a hotel. (It’s night time by now.) She grabbed a few other folks from the flight, hailed a cab - and headed to Paris. They had a fabulous late night dinner, toured the city, then got back to their hotel I think 3amish. Made it out on the rescheduled flight the next day.

I bow to her strength, resourcefulness and sense of joy.


Any suggestions in Zurich for people not worried about leaving an airport 6 miles from the city?

Are you talking about a layover or will you be staying in Zurich?

we’re staying but i would layover as well… just needs to be downtown is all . thanks. i know nothing! obv id like to try traditional first time there.

Go to a cheese shop. Maybe Tritt.

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Apologies, I forgot to report back on this thread by link - here it is, better late than never :slight_smile: !


If I ever return to Zurich, which I hope I never do, I would do Michelin-star restaurants. Think of it like Beverly Hills but more expensive and less diverse.

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Interesting sentiment. We had such a beautiful day there as well as dinner at Le Dezalay. Very excited to go back again at the end of this trip