Skirt steak - what markets?

Where can I find delicious quality skirt steak? My old purveyor was Huntington Meats via Amazon, but since I no longer have Amazon fresh I no longer have access to quality skirt.

Costco is no dice, all they have is flank.

Suggestions y’all? Would prefer something substantially less than $17/lb…

Alexander’s in San Gabriel

They offer different cuts from the short plate, including skirt.

Pavilions normally carries it.

if you like the skirt steak from Huntington Meats, why don’t you go there and pick some up (not sure what part of town your in) at their butcher shop @ Farmers Market 3rd/Fairfax?

because traffic.

yeah…get it. also the parking lot there is a total clusterf**k.

when I go to one of the butchers there (Marconda’s is very good too), I go first thing on either Sat or Sun morning and no traffic and easy parking (they open @ 9). Huntington also has great sausages as well (actually they have a lot of good quality stuff). I usually get lamb shanks there when it gets colder and I’m in the mood to braise.

try the handy market in burbank, on magnolia near buena vista.

i’d also think your closest vallarta supermarket might be worth a look.

I love a good skirt steak, grilled so it is charred on the outside but still rare/medium-rare inside.

I am having more and more problems finding true skirt steak the last few years. What has become ubiquitous is flap meat, which is thinner and wider and has streaks of fat throughout rather than the long, four or so-inch wide and almost an inch thick with a fat layer on top which is what I consider skirt steak. On the westside, I’ve had occasional luck asking at some of the Mexican markets along Venice Blvd. east of the 405.

If you are close to San Pedro, try South Shores Meat Shop. You will have to ask since they don’t have it out. They have the best steaks in the South Bay.


Good to know, I live close by.

Yes, the Vons near Ricky’s Fish Tacos has “skirt steak” but it looks like tail ends of flap meat. The shape is thin (1/4 to 1/2 inch) and wide (6-7 inches), and if you have ever seen a butcher procure a skirt from the short plate, it does not look anything like it.

I know for sure McCalls in Los Feliz has true skirt steak but it is pretty pricey.

Probably not cheap but Jim’s Fallbrook Market has it. Plenty of Prime and choice cuts.

OT, They have weekend BBQ too, never been, but curious.

Ns-just a thought to try is to have the butcher run the skirt steak through one of those perforation roller things…found that that really makes a difference with the marinade and final result if you’re making carne asada…others may disagree but i learned this from some of my TX friends and it has worked for us for years.

Meat tenderizers, like the Jaccard, while making a particular cut of beef softer, it also makes the beef mushy.

In the case of a cut from the short plate (like the skirt steak) it deprives the beef of the chew and body that gives a cut, like the skirt steak, of its inherent flavor quotient.

Not my experience. Flavors absorbed and gets nice and crisp and bbqd. Been doing it this way with asada for years and never disappoints. I will say no need to chop into little pieces. But whatever works for you that’s for sure maybe we have different tastes.

Urban Radish and Belcampo usually have Good Quality Skirt Steak.


They will cut what ever you want here. Excellent quality prime meats.

Sprouts Granada Hills had skirt steak yesterday. $8.49/lb.

It was at Sprouts (on Westwood Blvd.) that I bought what was advertised and labeled as skirt steak but was wider, thinner, and more like flap meat.

Go to Huntington Meat’s direct. Talk to Jim, the owner. He can hook you up. Amazon Fresh has huge mark-ups on everything. Costco does have skirt, the butterfly it and call it asada or flap, the butcher showed me the whole bag, it was marked skirt, he was willing to sell the whole bag at a discounted price but I can not use or freeze 18-20 lbs.