Sliced dark meat turkey/Greenblatts

Well, no disrespect to Langers, but I’m still liking Greenblatts pastrami about as much – it’s different, a bit sweeter, a bit fattier and sliced thinner. We generally get a pound of this a pound of that, some bread, etc. But wanted to show you all another treat there which I’m not seeing elsewhere, the sliced dark meat turkey. This photo doesn’t do it 100% justice cuz it was warm and juicy when i brought it home and this is after taking it out of the fridge for round deux but i like how neat it’s sliced, no bones and some fat and skin on every piece. Really delicious. I’m used to the gnarlier looking bits and pieces out of a ziplock bag the day after Thanksgiving. Yes those are delish, but this is easier to work with…this one here is a shout out to Kevin who’s also a fan. You can get the thanksgiving dinner all dark meat too, sliced a bit thicker but also heavenly.


That looks great. Love dark meat.

I concur. I even enjoy that fucking shit more than Greenblatt’s pastrami.

Dark meat turkey on pumpernickel.

Washed down with a fucking slab of chocolate mousse cake.


the kevin…


How’s the bread? That pumpernickel looks a little too soft and smooshy—as if it would fall apart after 3 bites.

B+/A- fresh enough to be sticky and hold together. Crust a bit soft. The cukes are the slippery logistical issue there. But big bites you know.

I don’t get them with cucumber. But close enough.


Now I want to hit up my fucking sandwich for dinner.

I thought those were pickles (i.e. lightly pickled cukes). At least the tomatoes are safely away from the bread so that it doesn’t contribute to sogginess.

On a dark meat turkey side note: I can’t remember—did you or Kevin mention (in the past/CH life) that they also have dark meat turkey “thanksgiving” plates or sandwiches @ greenblatts? Turkey, gravy, stuffing, mash?

They do have Tday dark meat plates.


Now I really want to fucking hit that shit up.

And a slice of the chocolate mousse cake.

mmmmm. that sounds really really good.

Since we’re talking Greenblatt’s----would love some matzah stuffing to go w/ that :wink: (passover/t-day combo)

yes they do on the dinner plates – pick a few sides that are good, gravy, taters etc.

for me the meat is the star and that’s why i get it mostly deli style and goes with lots of stuff at home, but it is rich and pickles or cukes inside work well.

i think im a faster eater than you – soggyness usually not a critical issue.

that’s great that they sell dark meat turkey deli style (I’m assuming you mean by the lb?). I don’t know if anybody else does that. That would be a really good thing to bring home.

Yes, you must eat fast—that’s a decent size sandwich. if I had that sandwich the last couple of bites on the first half would probably be falling apart and who know what would happen with the second half (if I could even finish the second half). But then again, I would probably be having potato salad and a beer/glass of wine which contributes to slower sandwich eating.

And they quite a fanciful fucking wine list for a jewish deli.

My order is dark meat turkey on pumpernickel with lettuce, tomato and avocado. And maybe a dab or smidgen or skoshe but of spicy mustard.

A couple dr Browns to wash that crap down.

And of course a slab of chocolate mousse cake to gild the proverbially fucking Lilly to a proverbial fucking tee.


true. I haven’t been there for a while, but in addition to having wine while I’m there, I usually end up getting a couple of bottles to go.

Cornbread stuffing is good there with the turkey and gravy and cranberry sauce. U can do up a full drumstick or wings too but I’m with Kevin on the neat and tidy slides dark meat. Thicker sliced for the dinner. And I’m more into Belgian beer than wine there. But I just don’t think dessert is super well done.

try to sit on the first fucking floor, sometimes the services gets a little spotty to be nice if you’re dining on the second floor.

it doesn’t quite look like a jewish deli.

but I can’t quite put into words why.

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