Slumming it in/around DTLA

In case you ever find yourself short on cash and find yourself hungry in DTLA.

Mex Perú Gipsy - best chaufa, comes with protein too (chicken)

White Boy Tacos - best names for tacos, and the tacos themselves aren’t too shabby either

Alladin’s Coffee Shop - best breakfast and lunch buffet

Walee - best pork cutlet, rice is good too (hard to make decent rice)


I went to Mex Peru recently! While it is good, it is also pricey! Paid nearly $40 for a dish of lomo saltado and chaufa de 7 mares. Food was fine and service was good, but that pricing was off-putting. I would’ve fought it if I wasn’t in a rush. :confused:

Thanks for the other three recs!

Yeah, they need to post the prices. Pictures are nice, but worthless without prices.

My chaufa with chicken was $13, and was enough for two.