Small batches of 'creamed' soups for our injured daughter

Our adult daughter was in a bad bike accident a few days ago. Broke three vertebrae in her neck. Damaged her teeth and jaw and stitches in her tongue. She’s home now, no surgery on the neck which is good. She can’t chew anything for a while. We’re heading there tomorrow and I have the idea of making small or not small batches of soup for her to have on hand (freezable). Her husband and 4 and 8 y.o.'s are welcome but that’s not the point. She loves vegetables. I’m going to study this site as I see some references but if you have something that you love, I’d appreciate hearing about it. And I can blend/FP so that’s not a problem. Thanks a bunch, kiddos. Cath

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You can add some lentils with the carrots to make it a little like dal.

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So sorry to hear about your daughter, I hope her recovery is swift and not too difficult.

Cauliflower soup: This dish is pretty easy, vegan and can serve as a canvas to a lot of different garnishes to add some variability.

Pumpkin soup: We used to make this a lot in our house and we always used 1 large can of plain pumpkin and fake crab. If the crab is still too difficult for eating it can be skipped and I’d probably sub in a little fish sauce for savoriness.

Jook: We make jook for ourselves and others in sickness and health and it also serves as a canvas you can add things to if you wish. In the link is an instant pot version but obviously you can do it on the stove as well. One quibble I have with that recipe is that we tend to use a 10:1 water:rice ratio by volume and it still comes out a little thick. I believe we also cook at pressure for 1 hour to really break it down and you can even blend it a little if you want it even finer. If you don’t want to make stock specifically for this recipe we totally use bouillon and it’s still great.

Split pea soup: Classic split pea soup, you can leave out the ham if that’s an issue and add in other non-textural garnishes like cheese, hot sauce, etc.


My favorites are vichyssoise, schav, cream of asparagus (tons of online recipes for all of these) and this specific avocado/corn soup. You can drink them all!

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One of our favorites is Julia Childs’ potato leek soup. I tried to find an online recipe for you, but almost everyone seems to adapt it to their own taste and many of them bear no resemblance to the original. If you have “Mastering the Art of French Cooking”, or “From Julia Childs’ Kitchen”, or “Julia and Jacques Cooking at Home” the recipe is in there. Never tried freezing it, but you can add the dairy right before serving so I am sure you could freeze the basic soup. So sorry to hear about your daughter. I don’t know of anything that hurts more than an injury to your child (except losing one). Best of luck!

Thanks each and everyone of you for this. I know when you recommend/share these then they’re going to tempt her taste buds. @ebethsdad, yeah. We just want to wave a magic wand. xoc


OMG @catholiver! Just saw this. Are you still there?

This kind of soup is my go-to for instant lunches in the country, A French hostess introduced me to “3 vegetable soups”. Can be stretched to 4, she said, but never more than 5. Essentially, simmer until soft three vegetable, one being onion, Say, zucchini, fennel and onion, or carrot, cauliflower and onion or asparagus, pea and onion, Just about anything. Include potato if you want something substantial. Or use chicken broth as part of your cooking liquid. (Today I made cauliflower, onion and garlic, with touch of curry,) When soft, simply puree with immersion blender, adding cream or cream fraiche an/or a big splat of butter.
A 'knock your socks off" starter at a dinner party was cauliflower with a drizzle of curry-infused olive oil, topped with a shatteringly criso breaded fried oyster, Oh yes,


Great idea! I’ll be trying this. Daughter made a complete recovery and is back to backcountry skiing and rock climbing. And, boy, was my kitchen an ongoing mess with all the blendings. Thanks everyone.


So glad to hear it!

Thank you sincerely.

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Nothing is simpler, or more universally useful, than a basic chicken soup. Hope your daughter has a quick and successful recovery.

I really do like the idea of this as a ‘starter.’