Small bread knife

is there something to cut slices of bread/baguette which is the size of a fork/spoon?
which fits on my dining table? i can only think of paring knives.

Maybe get a serrated tomato knife?

The only one that comes to mind is this one… It’s meant for easy travel in a caterers kit.

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A lot of cheaper ‘steak’ knives are just stamped, serrated blades. They’d probably be better for bread than they are for steak.

That small Mercer looks perfect, although a bit larger than what the OP requested – I have a larger one of those (not offset), and it’s the best bread knife I’ve ever used. The tomato knives I’ve seen are just too narrow, IMO.

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It’s about the serrations. How spaced they are and how they grab the crumb. We use this one after it was recommended by a baker friend… It’s amazing! But of course, much bigger than the one OP wants…

This one folds like a pocket knife.


Was $9 but not as sharp as japanese knives. Will sharpen then see.

review=flimsy. 9" too long 4 my purpose.

Not cheap,steel for the amateurs. thx anyways.