Smoked Roma Tomatoes

As some of you know, we’re smoking a small brisket today with plenty more hours to go. But we learned at the beginning of our smoking journey that with their just being two of us, it really made no sense to fill the smoker (a Bradley electric) with meat. Our favorite has been Roma tomatoes. These were especially large so pulled them after four hours. When cool enough to handle, I cut off the stem end and peeled them so easily. I’ll freeze them individually on a baking sheet and then put in zipping bags. Even one adds such an intense smoked flavor as well as more tomato-y taste than you’d ever get from a regular tomato. Out of curiosity I cut a slice and salted it. Almost but not quite too intense.

Those look really good! They don’t exude a lot of liquid when smoking?

Not at all. But once I cut the end off, then yes. And once frozen, even more.

Sounds good. I’m thinking chilled smoked tomato consume w/ cucumber & goat cheese. Or a nice smokey caprese panino.

Going to look into this.

I cut then in half before smoking – dries them a bit. I freeze and throw into various dishes throughout the winter, in lieu of bacon.

The biggest ‘water’ is when thawed but I thaw them in a bowl when it matters to me.

Pika, I can’t remember what you use for smoking. I remember that you gave the Bradley away. A Cameron?

Yep, Cameron Stovetop.

I keep meaning to give ours to the girls. Good product.

Smart .

I’m so excited about this. I remember the long thread on CH about smoking unusual things, and tomatoes were the one mentioned that really piqued my interest.

How would you do this in one of the Cameron stovetop smokers? I have a bunch of romas I’d love to try smoking tomorrow.

Pikawicca does them in a Cameron stovetop so maybe she’ll weigh in. All I know is that she cuts them in half.

Use whatever woodchips you like. Slice tomatoes in half, put cut-side up on rack. Salt lightly, if desired. Smoke for 20 minutes. At this point, I uncover the pan and put it in a 300 degree oven for an hour. Cool, bag, and freeze.