Anyone else planning to check it out tomorrow? The list of vendors looks pretty interesting.

Smorgasburg LA:


Definitely want to go, but I’ll wait a couple of weeks. Rucker’s Pie is high on my list of priorities.


Looks like fun.

Anyone know what the are licensing requirements to hawk food products at these events?

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You just have to be cool enough. Apply here.

Dang, just looked at the list of vendors - that is a high hip quotient!

You mean the “tomorrow” when it’s supposed to be 98F in DTLA?

People do realize that Smorgasburg happens every Sunday, right?


98 degrees and that location has no shade…no thanks! Hopefully they’ll account for that and put in shaded seating areas…

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Not all of us are such delicate flowers.


Just got back. A couple of beers in the “over 21” area and a ride on the tilt-a-whirl would’ve sealed the deal.

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Blueberry Lemon pie

Edit: added Lemon Chess pie

Edit: added business info

Crowd and parking was easy AF. In and out in < 30 minutes. Pie was delish too. Got a lemon chess to go.


Hi @A5KOBE ,

So how bad was the baking in the sun? Was there an indoor or cool dining area?

Temperatures over 100 degrees right now. :disappointed:

I’m certainly not going today, but curious how well this place will last over the blazing hot Summer.

It was fine–plenty of umbrellas. Didn’t stay long. It was totally packed when I was there. The amount of good food available was crazy. Wanted to try porridge and puffs but couldn’t get myself into hot porridge in 103 degrees. Had Goa taco (very delicious) and took a pie from Rucker’s to go. If the weather was better I could eat at this all day.


I personally love the heat so it wasn’t a concern. They did have a small tent area with fans and mist blowing. I believe it was called the “cooling station” or something like that. Also plenty of tables in the shade to sit at the entrance. The vendors looked more uncomfortable being that they are out there the most.

I was only there for less than 30 minutes but endured the heat waiting in line at Howlin Rays. :joy:

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Thanks @Haeldaur.

Yah Porridge & Puffs was one of the places I wanted to try, but then I saw the thermometer and like you… Nope. :stuck_out_tongue: LOL.



Thanks. Good to know. :slight_smile:

The parking situation was really nice. And the bang^nth potential is high. I’ll be back for sure, especially since the parking was so easy.


@A5KOBE Fantastic pictures! Happy to see Nicole Rucker doing traditional pies again. There’s another defector from Venice working Smorgasburg: Maury’s Bagels is run by Gjusta’s ex-GM. Looked good but all they had today were sesame so I passed.


Yeah, I sort of wanted to do a test run today so I could get a feel of the crowds and didn’t want to get shut out for lunch. A guest in front of me asked Nicole Rucker what her favorite pie was and she said the blackberry + blood orange so I might have to grab that next time if available.

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Blackberry/Blood Orange was good! Her website is up now, there’s a link to a pie menu… hope she keeps it current.


~Insert food porn of Carnitas El Momo here~

Did anyone hit them up?

Had one of my best dining experiences at the little shack in South Central with some OG’s letting me sit at their table with some beers. Have yet to had a better pork dish, except for Grandmas Braised Pork Belly with Pickled Greens Over Rice, true Chinese Grandma style.

The son at El Momo kept giving me samples of this and that. I wanted to cry happy pork tears.