Yes, just do howlin ray’s first to avoid the line. might as well add scoops, little jewel and amboy to your bang-bang too.

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Sounds more like an orgy.:heart_eyes: Might have to do that bangity-bang-bang-bang seperately today. I don’t know if even my FTCialis could sustain me through all that Chinatown carnal pleasure AND still have any reserves left for Smorgasburg.

Hoarding the blackberry blood orange pie I see. lol I am on to you.


HI @bulavinaka,

What @PorkyBelly said. Howlin’ Ray’s first. Get there before 11 a.m. to beat the crowds and minimize time in line. :slight_smile:

I’m more excited for you trying Howlin’ Ray’s finally. :slight_smile:

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Pro Tip: If going with others, I suggest dropping a person off on the Hill side of Far East to wait in line for Howlin Ray’s. It saves at least 10-15 minutes if you go after opening.

Shooting for the opening - traffic is the only hurdle - thanks!

#Ugly drum
The bark was so dark edgar allan poe wrote a story about it.
Spoiler alert: the pastrami dies at the end

#Porridge + puffs

#Gratuitous pork belly shot

#Rucker’s pie


Tasmanian honey

#Guerrilla tacos

Fried shrimp

Bay scallop tostada


I quite enjoyed the Goa Taco w @PorkyBelly. The belly roast on the pit is the perfect marketing ploy!

Ohmigod, that all looks so delicious. What’s in the “puff?” And how were the pies?

Would’ve considered going today, but I’ve caught a stomach bug. :disappointed_relieved::rage::mask:

How was that bay scallop tostada?

it tasted very clean and refreshing on a summer day. the scallops were sweet and there was some heat from the chili oil.

the puff was hollow and tasted like a chinese doughnut, it goes very well with the porridge.

both pies were delicious, crust was buttery, peach wasn’t too sweet. the honey topped with almonds was my favorite.

their selective version of aporkalypse (carnitas, belly and skin) vs. the haphazard handful of assorted pork parts at villa moreliana

Thanks to @Chowseeker1999 for the tip on this pizza.

hot honey and soppressata
This was excellent, crispy crust, sweet honey, and spicy soppressata.

the upskirt shot

bacons and clam

I had high hopes for this pizza, it looked great on top but when i went in for the upskirt shot :fearful: it was totally underdone with no char.
Now i know how stephen rea felt in the crying game.


PSA: Today will be Rucker’s Pie’s last day at Smorgasburg. Pumpkin, chocolate chess, honey almond, and crummy apple pies available as slices and whole available today!

Did she say why?

She’s writing a cookbook.

Per Nicole’s personal Instagram account. “BIG ANNOUNCEMENT :sparkles::sparkles::sparkles::sparkles::sparkles::sparkles::sparkles::sparkles: Tomorrow, November 20 will be my last Sunday @smorgasburgla because the incredible team at Pam Krauss books (Avery/Penguin) have decided to let me write a cookbook! It will be a book about fruit, @alangastelumphotography will shoot it. Sundays @smorgasburgla have been an opportunity that has opened many doors and I am grateful for everyone who ventured downtown to eat pie with us. You can still order @ruckerspie for pick up at several locations around LA and you have tomorrow to visit me at Smorgasburg and pick up a pie for Thanksgiving week. :tada:


Thanks. That’s too bad but good for her. Great pies which will be missed by many at Smorgasburg.

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