Snacks on a Plane

Looking for ideas for some motherfuckin’ snacks I can bring on a motherfuckin’ plane. Needs to travel well and be tasty. Was thinking maybe a gjusta italian sandwich. No durians.



So you’re not interested in making your own? How long’s the flight?

About 6 hours

I never bring food on planes when I travel, but if I ever did, I think these would be at the top of the list.

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I do this all the time. Can confirm the Gjusta Italian sandwich travels well. Same with the Godmother from Bay Cities. Don’t try to bring anything super fatty like prime rib or pastrami. The fat takes on an unpleasant pasty quality at room temp.*

Fruit bars work really well, as do bags of nuts. Chips are kind of a sucker’s bet because they take up space and crumble easily. Hummus is considered a liquid.

Another pro-tip: Take the sandwich out of its wrapping, foil, etc. and put it in its own clear plastic ziplock bag in case they make you take it out to go through the x-ray separately.

*One exception is the brisket banh mi at Gjelina Takeaway. The brisket tends to be leaner and the dressing melds perfectly with the bread.


20 pcs set (or 36 in your case) from Sakae sushi!!!


Oh hell no.

My usual for long flights is dried apricots, roast almonds, and a couple of granola bars (which I don’t particularly care for, but will eat in an emergency, like if the plane crashes and I have to eat).

Jet Blue has steak sandwiches AND kale salad. If you’re flying on a different airline, just go to your favorite place and ask them to make you a box of food for a flight.

You should get ramen! That would be so funny to pull out and start slurping while everyone is munching on little bags of free pretzels.


I once had a very early AM flight from JFK to LAX. I brought on a bagel from Murray’s with whitefish salad and cream cheese on an everything bagel. Surprisingly held up pretty well but I don’t think I’d do this again.

Kim bap is a good option.


Leek dumplings can smell like a natural gas leak. In a closed, pressurized cabin —> Fun times.


Ink Sack is a good option if your flight is from International Terminal.


Just had a thought, onigiri from sunny blue. anybody try traveling with them, how long do they stay good? can they pack the nori separately so it doesn’t get soggy?

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If you’re going to go the onigiri route, might as well consider something along the same lines like mochi from Fugetsu-do

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How about Chinese Rice Ball from Huge Tree and ask flight attendant to heat it up for you in the microwave?

Commercial airliners do not have microwaves. Convection ovens, yes. Microwaves? No.

Private jets sometimes do, but again because of the waves, it’s just better to just use convection heating.

Hi @PorkyBelly,

Brilliant idea. :slight_smile: I checked for you: “Yes” they can pack the Nori separately (awesome!), and they have nice, onigiri-shaped containers (not exactly the shape, but it holds it well) and the server said it should last up to a day.


Wow, same day service, thanks @Chowseeker1999

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im the guy sitting next to you on the plane.
please enjoy the food you brought.
however, because we are in an enclosed space with poorly circulated air, and i am concerned this plane is going to go down and i am going to die, and therefore at my most sensitive and least cheerful, kindly remember
next time to being something a little less fragrant.



When I used to fly out of Newark, I would get Chinese food to go from a hole in the wall about 10 minutes south of the airport. Always held up well. Usually offered some to the person in the next seat but not often accepted since the food was spicy.

Tuna, peanut butter or cheese wrapped separately with bread in a separate plastic bag works well.

I always bring food on planes. If I’m flying out of Burbank and I have time I like to stop at Porto’s. Sandwiches (I got the veggie options) held up great and so did the pastries. Last flight I brought nut mixes from the Farmers Market, I think from Alex’s fruit & nuts b/c it was the only option at the last market i was at before my trip. I’ve also brought bagels – I keep a stash in the freezer so I’d let it thaw out and dress it with something simple and there’s the breakfast problem solved if my flight is early.