Snoqualmie - The Attic at Salish Lodge

The Attic at Salish Lodge
Snoqualmie Falls is a popular tourist attraction 30 minutes east of Seattle. The falls are lovely. It is also so popular that parking in the lot can be complicated. After a morning flight from L.A., we headed straight to the falls and found zero parking in the general lot. Since we hadn’t had lunch, yet, we decided to valet the car at the Salish Lodge and have lunch at the Attic…the Lodge’s casual restaurant. We were able to walk in without a reservation and were seated immediately.
Most dishes in the Attic are driven by their wood fire oven. Lots of pizzas and sandwiches. I was craving something light, so I had the smoked salmon salad with lentils. The salmon was lightly hot smoked, but the greens and the grains had a great vinaigrette dressing. It was pretty good. My family was more impressed with their pizzas. The Italian pizza had sausage, salami, and ham…and was generously garnished with crushed red pepper. My husband loved it. The oldest loved his duck confit nachos. The BBQ chicken pizza was also pretty good.
Service was super friendly and good.
The best part was not having to worry about parking. The valet service left the car close enough so that we could put thing away and come and go as we pleased. We spent time time checking out the views after lunch.
Pro-tip: Ask for a table by the window as soon as you walk in. You may be put on a list, but you’ll be higher up on the list. We made this mistake too late and already had our food by the time a table was ready. We didn’t want to cause a big disturbance by moving at that point.

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