So NOT Cool

I had dinner over the weekend at Wine Vault & Bistro. It wasn’t a busy night and dinner was outstanding. I had a clear view to the table in back of us which was occupied by a couple of women in their late 20s/early 30s. I didn’t pay much attention to them other than the fact that they seemed to be very interested in many of the wines on display and had the staff open 3 bottles. They tasted but didn’t drink all 3 bottles. The corks were returned to the bottles and they were bagged up to go.

When they stood up to leave, the woman facing me put on a big, knee length puffy winter coat with a hood! That did get my attention because who the heck wears one of those knee length puffy coats in San Diego in July? Then I saw her reach onto one of the shelves grab a bottle and tuck it in her coat.

Our server just happened to be walking by and I waved her over and asked how many bottles of wine the table behind us had purchased, 3 or 4. She said 3 and I told her they just left with 4. She and another server ran after the 2 women to see if they could recover the stolen bottle, but were not successful.

Stealing is stealing. This was wrong on so many levels and so NOT cool…

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Love the Wine Vault and Bistro. Have always had a great dinning experience there. Nice people too!

Surprised that people with such elevated tastes have such low principles.

Were you there for the Christian Roguenant (Tangent) winemaker dinner? And if so, how were the wines? I tried to get tickets, but they sold out quickly.

I was really surprised when I observed the theft. Very unexpected. The staff had treated them really well too.

No, I wasn’t there for the Tangent dinner, I did the 5 course tasting menu on Saturday and it was outstanding.