So the NYT is reviewing Cassia now

I guess they ran out of restaurants in NY to review?

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“Editors’ Note: The Times has published starred reviews of restaurants in the New York metropolitan area since 1963. Starting today, we will occasionally offer such reviews of restaurants in other cities as well, applying the same standards that govern our reviews in New York: a minimum of three anonymous visits to the restaurant.”

First non-NYC 3 Star restaurant EVER I am told. Kind of historic. Yay, Cassia! Yay, LA!


Well deserved. I had a ridiculously good dinner at Cassia a few weeks ago. One of my 2016 highlights for sure. They might have jacked up their prices since they opened, but they’re still hitting it out of the park in terms of quality.

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Here is the new Pete Wells Profile Article from this weeks New Yorker. A very good read.


Well, even though there are many more interesting places to review, I can see how NY’ers would pick Cassia. Massive, beautiful, expensive space with food that would make it close to the best place in NYC. I bet they think it’s the best LA has to offer, when it’s not obvious it even breaks the top 20 here. And I say that as a fan of the restaurant.

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Disagree. I’d put it in my top five and Hatchet Hall wouldn’t crack my top ten (based on the one meal I had at HH which I was incredibly excited for and ended up being just OK)

And yet you have never posted a review of it, or really talked it up at all?..

I didn’t even have Hatchet Hall in mind. How about Providence? N/Naka? Chi Spacca? etc…etc…etc… Cassia’s laksa is one of my favorite things to eat ever, but I don’t see how it is a top 5 restaurant in LA from the various meals I’ve had there. It is solid cooking… but… I am lost for the most part on what makes it sublime.

At this point enough people hate Hatchet Hall that I am forced to admit it is probably a terrible restaurant, but they just so happen to cooked precisely to my subjective palate.

LOL. I still want/need to try it.

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Correction: Hatchet Hall is a good restaurant. A very good one, even. But it is not the spectacular, life-altering experience your palate thinks it is.


I mean, you wouldn’t really recommend someone go eat at a mediocre place right? So really there is no difference there.

I wish I knew what it is they do to food that makes it taste so good to me specifically though.

[quote=“set0312, post:10, topic:4213”]
But it is not the spectacular, life-altering experience your palate thinks it is.
[/quote]This is not a comment about Hatchet Hall or Aesthete’s palate, which I’m sure is fine. But that was funny.

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