Sobar- Great new Japanese Soba Specialist in Mar Vista

I’d like to highlight a new Japanese soba specialist called Sobar in Mar Vista that I think deserves everyone’s attention. In addition to the great food, I have to say I love the feel of this place. U-shaped counter like you’d see in Japan, beautiful wabi-sabi aesthetic and ceramics, and very chill atmosphere.

Food was very good- their soba noodles are made with 100% buckwheat flour which of course I forgot to take a pic of. Highlights for me beyond the soba were the kakiagi, karaage, pork belly kukuni, and inari, but it was honestly all very tasty and fairly priced when considering the quality.

The feel of this beer glass in my hand was oddly satisfying- very light weight with nice lines


Genuine question: was there more kara-age for the order than what is pictured? Just trying to get a sense of portion size. :slight_smile:

Pictures are nice but why no picture of the soba, the main attraction presumably?

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Sorry, I see you forgot. Oh well.

Great question! There was more kariage, but I only remember to take pics of food until after I’ve already started eating


I miss my rather middling-but-tasty-enough go-to Thai spot that was here, but the photos of what’s taken its place are doing a fine job at making me forget. Anyway, there are a number of other middling Thai spots in the area from which to choose so no big whoop.


I like Ekkamai. It’s more than Middling to me.

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I’ll have to try it again. Not that I dislike Ekkamai, just been defaulting to Celadon across the street. But to be clear, by “middling” I only meant in comparison to the top Thai Town joints.

Celadon is our go-to for Thai delivery.

Ekkamai has been our delivery option as well (unless we really want Natalee’s massaman) after House of Thai Taste changed owners a number of years back and the food quality went down. Don’t recall if we ever tried Celadon.

This is precisely why I want to like Ekkamai more than I actually do. :frowning:

Will give Celadon a try.

this place is really good. soba was delicious, the dashimaki and kakiage were excellent. only miss was the chewy duck. would come back.

agedashi tofu

lightly fried with a delicate batter.

chicken karaage

flavorful crispy chicken, no dipping sauce needed.

kyoto style dashimaki

excellent. fluffy and juicy with the flavor of dashi shining through.


excellent. I think this has shrimp, edamame, onions, carrots and gobo.

reminded me of a perfectly fried blooming onion but so much better. I’m calling it the “blocky kaki”

kamo yaki

zaru soba



me reading about the 18% mandatory service charge


me seeing the check with no additional tip line

a fatty-mart-mapo-tofu-slice bang bang was perfect :hugs:


That dashimaki is just beautiful.


This article is making me question a lot of things. hah. I honestly don’t remember the Matcha salt and I definitely didn’t get instructions on how to eat my soba. In fact, I didn’t find Sobar that memorable and now I’m questioning if I liked it. I need to give them another visit now…

I’m also angry.

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