Soft serve

Pepper Tree Frosty: is a dessert and fast food hole in the wall in Vista. The soft serve is made there and includes my favorite Strawberry. The have tons of other dessert items as well. Please keep in mind though that while the people working there were nice, they were VERY slow. I don’t normally visit Vista because it’s far and out of the way, but I could see myself making future trips to this place.

Of note, this place also dishes out burgers, dogs, tacos, burritos and the like, including fast food style pastrami. When I first moved to Los Angeles way back when, I was surprised that so many burger joints had pastrami on their menus (think The Hat) but it’s just how things are up there I guess, and while I personally don’t care for that type of pastrami, many people like it. I have not seen the same thing in SD so in case any other transplants feel nostalgic I thought I’d mention it. Lastly, there is a Pepper Tree doughnut shop next door which closes at 2 pm every day. I didn’t try it out. Potentially though you could do doughnuts, then pastrami chili cheese fries and then soft serve all at one place. Gross and awesome at the same time.

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Is that the place next to URBN?

Do they really make their own soft serve ice cream base?

Not sure if it’s next to URBN but was down the street from Flying Pig.

They said they did make their own soft serve base when I asked so as far as I know…