Sol-Lip Tofu (솔잎두부)

If you enjoy soon dubu, then check our Sol-Lip, which makes all of their tofu dishes with housemade tofu. I’m particularly fond of their white tofu soup. Plus, you can buy their housemade tofu, separately, to-go.

Sol-Lip Tofu (솔잎두부)
414 S Western Ave (x-street, 4th)


Thank you. This is relevant to my interests.

Hello Sol-Lip Goodbye Beverly Soon

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Oh nice find. I’ll check it out

whoa… i think i’m taking family there tonight

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I still prefer Beverly…

Was in Koreatown for lunch and remembered this thread - I love soon tofu/dubu. The service was a little slow, but the banchan and stew were both great. That said, I couldn’t quite perceive the homemade-ness of their tofu, and I left full and happy but still preferring the Wilshire BCD’s atmosphere, speed, and younger kimchi. Maybe more sophisticated palates would give Sol-Lip the edge?

Having difficulty eating at Sol-Lip Tofu. HELP!!!

Have gone there twice now but ended up by wanting Jun Won much more and it’s next door.

Seems like the obvious answer is to bang bang.