Solo dining

Heading to Vegas next month looking like I will be flying solo. Probably will be at the Mirage. Just coming to gamble and have some good eats on the strip. Where can i get some good dinners that would be fine to be eating solo. Prefer a bar or counter situation. Price is non issue. Doesn’t need to be fancy just great food and fine for solo dining. Open to lunch suggestions too. Thanks for the help!

l’atelier de joel robuchon
vetri cucina

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Adding to PorkyBelly’s list:

  • Kame Omakase
  • Yui Edomae
  • Kabuto Edomae

Had great experience at Mordeo boutique wine bar. It’s essentally all bar seating—request the chefs table if you want to be closer to the action. It’s tapas style with a little Japanese —everything is grilled over binchotan
Service was great and we enjoyed the wine and sake recs.

Oyster bar for pan roast is also great for solo.

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Glaring omission of Lotus of Siam… Intentional?

I am coming in from LA. Really prefer to stay on the strip. Probably will make a stop at Carbone.

which of these 3 did you enjoy the most? We loved Yui and planning on Kabuto for our next trip.

I haven’t been to Kame so I can’t vouch for their quality. On the other hand, I enjoyed Yui over Kabuto but Yui was nowhere near Mori in LA. When I ate at Yui, their rice temp was very inconsistent throughout the whole night ranging from body temp to piping hot whenever a new batch of rice came out…

I didn’t have the same problem. We sat in front of the owner and we were the last seating of the night. We did see new batches of rice throughout the night but none of it was piping hot. That would be not good.

I ate well at Momofuku (though Majordomo is better).

nope, thanks for the reminder. los is a great option for lunch.

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that uni dish looks very rich lol.

Yes since the OP is flying solo?

I’ve done LoS solo before. I don’t see the issue with being solo here.

Leftover city?

cath? Is that you? What have you done with moonboy?!


Ha! You busted my secret alias!

Lots of leftovers just isn’t my kinda thing for solo dining…especially in sin city. I’m not sure if I wanna be lugging leftovers around the strip and/or casino.

You do realize you can just pay your bill, get up, and leave all that remaining food on the table, right?

This is one of the most offensive comments I’ve read on the board this year.


How so? One must to take leftover to go?