Solvang / Santa Ynez / Los Olivos / Buellton

Any good restaurants in this area? Thanks!

Industrial Eats
Bobs Well Bread
Full of Life Flatbread
S. Y. Kitchen
Hitching Post


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Thanks, these look great!

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Jocko’s is probably worth the half hour drive North, if you’re there for a few days.


Didn’t see them.

2nd Bob’s recommendations for
Industriel Eats
SY Kitchen

Would also add Brothers restaurant at Red Barn. They had a great restaurant in Los Olivos but it closed. Sarloos & Sons is Los Olivos is great for wine and chocolates.

I didn’t have a chance to go but many people recommended Cold Spring Tavern. It’s kind a unique of out of the way joint.

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Bob’s Well Bread is amazing. The eggs in a jar (or paper cup, if you get takeout) is one of the best breakfast dishes I’ve had anywhere.

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2nd Bob’s and Full of Life
3rd Industrial Eats.

And if you happen to be heading north and want an ice cream treat, stop at Doc Burnstein’s in Orcutt near Santa Maria. I’m a big fan of the motor oil flavor.

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Industrial Eats is ridiculously good. Also recommend kielbasa with breakfast at Ellen’s Danish Pancakes

Scared to ask but wildly intrigued.

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Thought it was a bit far but Jockos is always worthy of a visit

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IE is the best of the lot, no doubt about it. So creative and delicious. They seem to have been a little less inclined to adding new dishes over the last few years but “it it ain’t broke…”

Plus one SY Kitchen

Cold Spring Tavern is a fun stop. Its an original stage coach stop in the middle of the mountains. Basic food but very unique.

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Some of the best restaurants are located in Los Alamos very close to Los Olivos:
-Bell’s (former team from Per Se New York)
-Full of Life
And of course,
-Bob’s Well Bread with the new location in Ballard

Great tasting rooms to such as Feminist Party and my favorite, A Tribute to Grace.




Second Cold Spring Tavern. Can get pretty crowded on weekends as it is a very popular biker stop.

She has made some exceptional wines.

Bobs Well is great. Bells is also doing interesting dine in and take out lunch. Now open for dinner dine in pre fix only though. In Solvang Peasants feast and Kotori are both supposed to be good.