Some excellent sakes now at Ototo LA

Ototo now has some great sake in stock you FTC sake fans should try (bring freezer packs and cold bags with you to transport them). These sake are distributed by Jessie of Fifth Taste based up here, some of you may remember him from the sake event last year at Yamasho.

Kid Junmai Ginjo Hiyaroshi (first time ever available in the US) - fall draft sake that is single pasteurized during the spring, aged six months or so, and then released in the fall. Had this in Tokyo almost two years ago and it was quite excellent

Kaze No Mori “Black” Tsuyuhakaze Junmai Muroka
Nama Genshu. Fresh bottlings means it has some effervescence. This one will also grab your attention!

Takacho Bodaimoto - this sake is made by the same brewery that makes Kaze No Mori and is brewed with an ancient sake making method. It’s a bit sweeter but very acidic. Dead perfect with foie gras, or even chicken liver Yakitori. Or if you have some salty fatty protein you want to cut it with. Also quite enjoyable on its own. I believe it’s pasteurized, but if you’re lucky the bottle may have some light effervescence, definitely will be more in the other two bottles.

All wonderful food friendly fresh sake, where the quality is as close to what sake bars and kappo izakaya might pour in neighborhood places in Japan.


Thank you for the tips @beefnoguy!

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Also, they signed on a pastry chef that is making some really tasty(-looking) sweets.
(Edit: Just to be clear, I only say tasting-looking because I haven’t had the pleasure of trying them yet.)
She was at n/naka previously.


Oh yes I was going to comment about some of the additional offerings they had in the shop but didn’t know quite enough about it. Thanks for the mention, I’ve heard she’s awesome!

So yeah, looking forward to the report back on dessert and sake! It also looks like their sake menu for to go is more than just those nama sake, and maybe Courtney has some dessert sake to pair too (or do the GEM By Moto trend of creating cold brew coffee ice cubes to cut with sake!)