Some random questions about Westside options


My SO and I frequently go to restaurants in the Culver City/Palms/West LA area, because of the movie theaters we also visit. We do this virtually every weekend, and I think we’re getting tired off some of our regular haunts. In terms of food preferences, we both have our idiosyncracies. My SO does not like big portions of carbs or grains mixed in with relatively modest portions of protein (in other words, he rarely orders noodle dishes, dumplings, biryanis and similar dishes). I have issues with virtually any level of spicy heat - not sure if it’s an actual allergy to capsaicin, but I definitely have issues with skin rashes and tummy problems with spicy hot food - I can handle stuff that’s well-seasoned or has complex flavors - it’s just an issue with chilis.

With the foregoing in mind, I had a few random questions:

  1. Any good Oaxacan places (other than EK Valley), which also have some non-spicy options on the menu? And any recs on those options?

  2. Is there any thing on the Kogi Tacqueria menu (other than burgers, tofu or hot dog) which is mild?

  3. How are the dishes other than the biryani at the Zafran Pot? Any other good Indian restaurants (other than Jaipur) that have good mild dal on the menu and other good non-rice-centric dishes?

I’m also open to other recs - basically, trying to get some spicy stuff for my SO and non-spicy for me. FYI, places we already go to a lot - so looking for recs other than these:
–Iranian restaurants
–I-Food, Hop Woo, Hop Li, Popcorn Chicken
–Versailles, Simpang Asia
–MEET in Culver City

Thanks for your patience with the length of this post, and TIA for your recommendations.


It seems like your SO prefers restaurants that are keto friendly and I certainly share his preference to avoid big portions of carbs mixed in with modest portions of protein. I don’t have any personal suggestions for you because I too am always on the look out for keto friendly places on the Westside, but Eater touts TikiFish on Overland is a fantastic keto friendly place. Not sure how you feel about poke. You get greens, not grains, as the base of your poke bowl and you forego the carbs. My question would be how much fish you actually get and whether you get such a small portion that with greens, instead of rice, you are going to be starving afterwards.

Would Rasselbock in Mar Vista work?

Have you been to Monte Alban? I have a moderate tolerance to spicy, and I don’t find any of their food to be spicy (and they have an extensive menu where I’m pretty sure you could find something w/o any spicy at all)…

Gloria’s Cafe in Culver City? They have Siete Mares for your husband, and I imagine they’d have something non-spicy for you.