Sotto is superb

Had another really great meal at Sotto. For a change, did not order the pork chop. Instead went with the following:

Pork cheek pizza - my favorite of their pizzas and always great.
Chicken liver ragu rigatoni - one of the best pasta dishes I can recall anywhere.
Brick Chicken - They do this so well. Only one that comes close is The Grill and its not really close.

Service was very good and just a really good meal.


I wish they still had their calzone.

Do they still have their pork chop or has it been replaced by a pork porterhouse?

Anyone had their bistecca?

They had the porterhouse. I like the chop better. The large steak was $120,

Interesting. It lists it as $140 on their website. Good to know its chapter than that in reality.

Was it a good version? authentic? Competes with Chi Spacca for example?

I probably gave the wrong price. Assume the web site is right. I like Chi Spaca pork chop better but Sotto is the next best IMO.

Oh sorry, were you talking about the pork porterhouse or the beef bistecca being $120?

Its a 40 oz Ribeye and it is $120 and its at Sotto not Chi Spaca. Sorry for the confusion.