Sous Vide Goes Mainstream?

Looks interesting, anyone have anymore info?

I’ve always thought that sous vide was already mainstream.

But, back to your question, no experience with the Mellow.

I have the Anova. But rarely use it, too much hassle.

This doesn’t look like much of a hassle.

I think it is, if you consider the price (either 399 preorder, or 599 regular) when compared to regular, non-smart sous vide systems on the market that retail for less than 200, and probably a lot less if you shop around.

Here is a discussion on eGullet with participation from the inventor

I’m intrigued by the ability to set up something in it, have it held until ready to cook, and then the unit activates. This is not the case with a crock pot. A crock pot wrings every last drop of liquid out of the item cooking (so don’t add extra fluid) and if you turn it on high and leave for work, you don’t have the opportunity to adjust the cooking time. This device seems to solve that problem.

You mean immersion circulating cooking?

I sous vide my broccoli in the microwave all the time. 4 minutes, let sit for 10 minutes, open, and sauté in grape seed oil and chili flakes.

I also sous vide chicken with a pot of temperature regulated water on the stove by dropping ice cubes and stirring the water ever so often.

How do you sous vide in a microwave and keep the temperature constantly at 183F ? Same with chicken in a pot on a stove - if you are cooking close to the “danger zone” without pasteurizing your approach is quite risky not to get sick after the meal

Who says you need constant temps for cooking broccoli? One of the best and easiest ways I have found to cook broccoli is sous vide in the microwave.

And I use temp probes hanging with magnets from above placed strategically in the pot on the stove and monitor the temps and adjust by dropping ice cubes. It stays constant +/- 2 degrees.

You don’t need constant temperature to cook broccoli but you can’t call it sous vide if you are doing it in a microwave as the definition of sous vide is cooking something in temperature controlled environment (water bath or steam oven) which you obviously don’t have in a microwave.
And depending on what you cook 2 degrees can make big difference ( and I can’t imagine how you do it when cook something for 48-72 hours which IMO some of the best uses of sous vide)

I use a crockpot with my Auber WSD-1204CPH PID controller from my smoker. It keeps the pot within a couple of degrees and I don’t need to use a vacuum bag as it keeps the entire contents the same temperature.

They do have crock pots with delay timers on them so you can set it to turn on in 1/2/4/? hours. I don’t have a delay timer on mine, but I do have 4 settings – 10 hours LOW, 8 hours LOW, 4 hours HIGH, 6 hours HIGH, plus a warm option. When the time I set is finished, it automatically switches to WARM. I only use the HIGH temp when I’m going to be around, or just out running errands. If I’m gone for more than 3-4 hours, I use the LOW setting to prevent overcooking/drying out.

Wow, I’ve never seen a crock pot with that many timing options!