South Bay Breakfast Spots

Hi South Bay’ers,

I checked the South Bay Staples thread and didn’t really see any recent breakfast recs. It’s close to 1300 postings. Great thread but feels unwieldy.

So, I’ve been to the following: Martha’s, Black Bear, Original Pancake House, Baran’s, Phanny’s, Uncle Bills, Fantastic Cafe, Bagel Factory, the Pan, the Nook, Hot n’ Tot, Denny’s, Superburger, and Norms. Yea, I included some chains just for completeness.

I go to some more frequently than others for various reasons but would like some new ideas.

Are there any gems not listed that you really like? Open to any cuisine.


Cozy Cafe. I love the counter, service, and food. Parking can be a pain. I just go to Klatch for a drip coffee to justify parking on that side.

Uncle Steveys. Best bagels in the South Bay and maybe best NY/NJ style. Doesn’t quite feel like a NYC bagel shop but that cheddar hot honey is pretty spectacular when you get it warm.

Caps N Corks for the breakfast burritos. Good burritos but not walkable to the Esplanade like Tigre’s Fuego and Phannys. Not a far drive from the Del Amo Mall area on a quiet weekend morning. I don’t know if you know but you can get Baran’s breakfast burritos at Tigre’s Fuego. Now the secret is out so I expect a long line before they open.

Caffe Tre Venezie. Super Italian spot with lots of retired Italians hanging out.

TNT Aloha Cafe (kinda late at 10am). Also they have a sister restaurant Aunties on Artesia that does a breakfast burrito with Hawaiian sausage with a green hot sauce with a kick.

Are you counting bakeries? Cream Pan, Tommy and Atticus, Sweet Wheat, Torrance Bakery, Little French.


Will have to check uncle Steveys for bagels

Cara Mia great for scones.

Beach hut nothing amazing but solid affordable old school diner.

5th ave bagelery makes a solid and very affordable bagel.

Sidecar donuts for donuts

Lunasia for dim sum


Bagel Factory does a decent bialy. With some scallion cream cheese it actually hits. The fact that they are doing this is pretty impressive.


Fukagawa opens at 11am now so I guess brunch?


Gardena Bowl Coffee Shop. Breakfast served all day. Menu offers coffee shop staples (corned beef hash & eggs) alongside Hawaiian dishes (loco moco). Hot coffee, warm service, and a very convivial atmosphere.


I really like Hot n Tot but sadly SO doesn’t like to go there. Surprised you haven’t mentioned Eat At Joe’s, sorta iconic in the RB area.

Kirari West Bake Shop breakfast sandwich is my go to. Adore Cafe makes very good quiche. I also like their sandwiches. Wildflower cafe has good pancake and egg benedict.

In San Pedro Rex Cafe has a more diverse menu. Pacific Diner is similar to Eat at Joe’s with better vibe.


Thank you. I’ve also been to Sweet Wheat, Little French Bakery, the Yellow Vase… bakery suggestions are welcome too.

I’ve also been to Eat At Joes but won’t go back there after the owner’s opening of their dining room during the pandemic, which was in direct opposition to the prevailing law. As a health care worker, it was insulting.


The best bakery in the area is Tommy and Atticus their bread is better than their pastries.

Also jj for Taiwanese pastries and cream pan for Japanese baked items.

Little French is the best out of the ones you listed.

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Ocean Diner/East Hermosa Beach - very popular family run diner with typical homemade breakfast offerings. Friendly efficient experienced service team. I am at OD a few times a month. They also own Java Man located on Pier Avenue, HB which is a solid OG coffee bar that sells OD’s homemade pastry items.

Local Yolk/ El Porto Manhattan Beach - very similar to OD, I just don’t live in the area any more. When I did, I always went here as I preferred it over Uncle Bill’s as the wait and food was always better at Local Yolk. The Jalapeño Hash was always a favorite and all breakfasts have the option to include pancakes and potatoes.

Sharkeez HB - early breakfast special before 11:30 am. Includes complimentary chips and salsa and mimosas. Surprisingly good.