South Bay Staples

I agree! I love their Choripán sammiches. They are also so close to the really great breweries in Hawthorne.

Anybody been to toshi sushi?

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Yeah, it’s a bit far for us… CG is literally a 3 minute drive from our house, so it is a frequent fast dinner option for us! My kids love their Alfredo sandwich which is their version of a cheesesteak.


I need to try Fresh and Meaty since the Carson location is down the street from me in Torrance.

Turkey burger is the move I am guessing?

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Darrows is in the same center for a catfish poboy and Back Home in Lahaina is a couple blocks down for haupia cheesecake and island fried chicken!


I love me some Hawaiian fried chicken. I do prefer aunty mailes over back home in Lahaina tho but both are very good

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Wait island fried chicken? I gotta try.

I did like that cheesecake and loco moco.

Also I tried 808. Maitiki ribs can’t be beat. I really wish they have a South Bay location. They would kill it out here.

Is it true that former Gardena Bowl family started TNT/Aunties? They brought their portugese sausage recipe with them

Yup, and the TNT Portuguese sausage patty cannot be beat. The Portuguese sausage mix is great along with the royale. Or get the loco Moco sub Portuguese sausage patty.


Damn did not know!

It is like a slightly sweet soy based fried chicken very similar to the now defunct Harry’s that used to be on Redondo Beach Blvd across from then Nissan dealership.

Basically fried chicken thigh nugs, tasty with bacon fried rice and I love their cabbage salad along with their standard mac salad. I also like their charsiu plate but they always run out.


Sorry, what places are these? Love Gardena Bowl (and the Portuguese sausage) so we’d definitely hit these up!

EDIT: Never mind! I thought TNT was an acronym, not the actual name. Adding these to the list next time we head over to Torrance

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Ichimi ann foodflation is real! A combo costs almost 30 dollars with tax and tip.


TNT Aloha Loco Moco sub with Portugese sausage.

Simply Salad. Local chain. The salad gets chopped up which I am a convert now. Will keep this in my rotation if I didn’t meal prep. The portions are very generous too. The ocean breeze will carry that InNOut smell while walking thru the parking lot.


Damn was thinking about going to tnt today gonna have to choose between the royale or the loco w Portuguese sausage

El compita, cacheton (newish vendor), guelaguetza at the 110 pch night market.

I don’t know why I keep on going back to guelaguetza. Portions are good but the meat is not. They precook everything in their fritanga pot and the prechop and leave it on the grill.

Cacheton cabeza was ok i think the other Al vapor vendor is better.

The only good taco stand there now seems to be el compita plus the non taco stands. Champurrado/avena man is great!


I forgot, the kimchi loco moco is fire as well. How could I forget…

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