Southern States

Is there some reason Georgia, Alabama, N. Carolina, S. Carolina and others are not listed?

I create categories as requested. There’s not much point in creating a category if no one’s going to post in it.

Maybe people are not posting because there is not a board.


I created Texas, Florida, and Tennessee boards because people requested them but no one has posted to them in months.

I haven’t posted much because FT seems to be devoted to California.


The site has no particular focus, but the Los Angeles board is by far the most active.

I guess that is why. There is so much good food here in Savannah and Charleston, Atlanta, Birmingham etc. I am just puzzled why there are no comments or suggestions. It really seems California-centric.


If you look, the Southern states that were broken out aren’t exactly burning up the boards :slight_smile: And I’ve been bad about not posting much lately on dining out. Shame on me.

As I said CH is very California-centric even with the boards that are not regional.

Oh, I never look at CH any more.

Maybe the only people who post on Chowhound there days are its employees. The office is in SF.

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Do all these southern peeps (or really, other regions beyond California) post somewhere else or do they just not have a home? Not meaning to overstep, I wonder how one could get the proverbial Word out? I love the abundance of California stuff since I’m a left coaster, but I would also love to get a better peak at what’s going on food-wise around the country, globe, and heck, the GALAXY.