Soy Milk Machine Recipes

Hi! I am starting this thread to share interesting and tasty recipes for soy milk machines. Feel free to share your recipes or experiences here, too! I use a Joyoung soy milk maker, but the recipes work for all models. :smiling_face:


20g Red Beans/ Adzuki Beans
20g Peanuts
8-9 Dried Roses
6 dried Jujube Dates
800ml water
Rock sugar (optional)

Mix the ingredients in a small amount of water and leave them inside the soy milk machine to soak overnight. Set the timer, and you’ll wake up with the drink ready!

I went without rock sugar for health reasons, so it’s borderline sweet. The rose flavor is very light when drinking hot but it gets more fragrant when drinking cold. The main undertones are from the beans and peanuts. This drink is not nut-milky at all, as only black and yellow soybeans can create that texture, and we used red beans here.


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Soy Bean 30g
Rice 10g
Millet 10g
Jasmine 3g
Water 600ml
Rock sugar (optional)

Soak the mixture for 8+ hours

Adding rice and millet enriches the mixture with a creamier texture and a richer taste. The dried jasmine, offering a light green tea aroma, pairs excellently with the soy milk base. You can also remove the rice and millet if you prefer it to be not so “thick”.


Black (Soy) Bean 30g
Regular Soy Bean 20g
White fungus/wood ear mushroom 20g (I prefer 5-6g)
Dried Osmanthus 1-2g
Water 600ml
Rock sugar (optional)

Soak the mixture for 8+ hours

Adding white fungus to soy milk creates a more gelatinous texture. Using the original 20g of white fungus will make the drink very thick, like a puree. Personally, I prefer a lighter consistency, and 5-6g (1/4) of white fungus works much better for me. Adding rock sugar will bring out more aroma from the osmanthus flower. We did the sugarless version, but I do recommend including a small piece of rock sugar to enhance the flavor.


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20g Soy beans
10g Lily
10g Lotus seeds
10g Longan
1 piece Rock sugar (optional)
800ml Water

Soak overnight (or 8+ hours)

Warrior and I both like its refreshingly nuanced flavor. It has a slighted thick texture but not too creamy. The smooth soybean base pairs well with the subtle sweetness of lotus seeds and the tropical taste of longan. It still tastes like the traditional soy milk but more flavorful.

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soy beans 30g
mung beans 30g
jujube dates 4-6
goji 5g
rock sugar (optional)
water 500ml (can increase up to 800ml for thinner texture)

Soak the mix overnight (or at least 8+ hours)

I like the taste of mung beans, so I really enjoy this drink. It has a flavor similar to a mung bean drink mixed with milk. The date provides a very light sweetness, even without any added sugar.