Soy Sauce Reccomendations

I have had every major grocery store variety(Kikoman, Lee Kum Kee, etc.) and some wacky (Housewife, Pearl, etc) cheap stuff but I can never seem to hit a mid-range flavor. The cheap stuff tastes like Maggi and the expensive stuff is too rich. Anyone have a good “go to” soy brand for everyday cooking/saucing/snacking?

And yes, I know there is a huge difference between Chinese and Japanese style Soy Sauce. I don’t care for any of the low sodium stuff. Light or dark-makes no difference as long as its a medium flavor.

You can’t just use less of the good stuff or dilute it with water?


And …

If your soy sauce starts taking center stage in your food, then you’re using too much soy sauce, or using it improperly.

Soy sauce is sort of like salt (kind of). Use just enough to make your food taste better. Never so much that you start tasting the soy sauce.


What do you mean by “mid-range” flavor? There are different types of soy sauce for different uses.

I’ve been quite happy with Ichibiki, which is available at Japanese grocery stores like Mitsuwa or Marukai. Otherwise you can get it in vast quantities at Amazon.

Try this, seriously it’s good even though they slapped ‘low sodium’ on the label. I went through a whole bunch myself over the years and settled on this as my light-soy sauce go-to for Chinese cooking needs.

Thank you! Will try that out

hmmm. Good question. Just a soy that is flavorful without being too assertive or tasting like chemicals. Acrid.

We have San-J organic shoyu and Pearl River Bridge premium light soy sauce. Also some Korean stuff with no English on the label.

Do you want to use it during cooking or afterward, such as in a dipping sauce?

Here’s some basic info:

A family member from Hawaii recommended Shoyu a couple of decades ago, have never looked back.