Spago DineLA menu

This looks pretty killer. $125pp. Like Providence, looks like it’s a $20 discount from their normal 8 course dinner.

Was planning on taking wife to Orsa and Winston for her bday but this sounds better.

Anyone been to Spago lately?

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I gotta say, that looks really good. Despite two wonky post-revamp visits to Spago, I have been wanting to come back. Mostly because I see on the website that they have the tuna cones and salmon pizza on the bar menu. I miss the flashy Barbara Lazaroff paintings and the endless Elton John’s Greatest Hit’s CD on repeat. Mostly, I miss the old food. This, however, looks very enticing. I wonder if they serve this tasting at the bar. I don’t know if I can convince any of my pals to indulge with me.

Reminds me of their delicious and very popular mid-aught’s tasting menu under Lee Hafter. Yes, the idea of anything being “under” Lee Hafter is a bit frightening.

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I’m normally loathe to participate in DineLA, as I feel a lot of the time it’s a bit “Amateur Hour”. That being said, this menu looks fantastic.

Thank you for posting it.

I had a spectacular tasting menu dinner at Spago last month. I didn’t write it up here because a couple members of our group were “friends & family” of the restaurant so they made some accomodations and additions for us that wouldn’t usually happen. And plus we had an awful lot of wine so I’m fuzzy on some of the details. But it was one of the best meals I’ve ever had. I’ve been to Spago before and ordered a la carte but this was my first tasting menu experience. For me, Spago occupies a special place among LA restaurants in delivering “fine dining” and impeccable service in an environment that’s comfortable and buzzy and fun, rather than formal and hushed.


was the menu somewhat similar to the DineLA menu posted above?

About 50% the same, plus similar amuse bouches [sp?].

[quote=“a213b, post:4, topic:4939”]
it’s a bit “Amateur Hour”.
[/quote]The restaurants or the customers?

I had lunch there almost a year ago. I don’t know if that’s considered lately. Anyway, I had a warm lentil salad with perfectly seared salmon. I still remember the cherry tomatoes were little bursts of sweet & tart :kissing_heart:. I hadn’t been in a while and was taken aback at how good the food was. You have to imagine a place like Spago gets the best picks at farmers markets and such.

We don’t know her, but Barbara Lazaroff came to the table to greet us. I don’t think I’ve ever been to one of their restaurants without her or Wolfgang coming by to say hello. They just really know how to run a restaurant, hence the longevity.

I think a Spago dine/LA could definitely be a great dining experience. Please report back. Thanks!

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We went to Spago Saturday evening for their DineLA menu.

The first thing to note is they are actually serving two DineLA menus - a six course:

… and an eight course:

After starting with a couple of very well made cocktails in the bar:

… we went with the 8 course, and a wine pairing for me (I believe priced around $90).

First out came a trio of small bites:
<img src=“//” width=140" height=“210”>
The ubiquitous Spicy Tuna Cone, a Smoked Salmon Mousse, and a Parmesan Marshmallow

For our next “bite”, we were escorted into the kitchen for:

A Maple Macron w/Bacon and Egg Yolk Jam

Our final “bite”:

Tofu with Caviar and Creme Fraiche “Snow”, along with Celery Root Soup with a Scallop

On to the courses …

<img src=“//” width="140 height=“210”>

Lobster Salad, Black Cod, “Pastel”, Agnolotti, Veal Cheek, NY Steak, Sorbet, and Bombe

The Highs: Snacks, “Pastel” (basically a tamale), Agnolotti, Veal Cheek
The Mids: Lobster Salad, NY Steak, Sorbet, and Bombe
The Lows: Black Cod, Wine Pairing (mostly) Final Check

Overall, we had a very lovely evening.


Looking forward to hearing how it was. We have reservations for this Saturday night.

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Just posted my pics and a brief, though not super informative (I realize), synopsis.

Ask away for any specifics.

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[quote=“a213b, post:12, topic:4939”]
Ask away for any specifics.
[/quote]Okay. Thanks. :slight_smile:
Was it overcrowded? How was the service? How was the kitchen presentation?

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Okay Budinsky. I guess that makes me an amateur… a shameless one too.

Food looks good, but the portion sizes look tiny even for a tasting meal. Were you full after the meal?

Do you remember how much the 6 course menu was?

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That looks similar to amount of food I got at the Orsa & Winston tasting. Not crazy stuffed, but the right amount for me.

I recall doing the Spago tasting menu (11-12 courses or something like that) back in 2011 and it was way too much food. Not a food feeling to be stuffed and then have a fois gras dish come out. After the remodel, the menu seems lighter.

It was full, but not overcrowded. I mean, I’m not sure how it would be possible for it to be overcrowded?

The service was really wonderful, actually. Not stuffy or formal, but pleasant and fun, across the board - from Hostess to Back Waiters, and everyone in between.

The kitchen presentation was nice. In fact, it’s probably something really thoughtful during DineLA, given that Spago probably has many guests during that time frame who’ve never been, and may not have much (if any) experience in nicer restaurants, much less going back into the kitchen.

I’m not 100% certain, but I think it was $95.

That’s great!

Yah… We haven’t had a bad experience with dine/LA. Some of our experiences have been nicer than regular occasions. They go above and beyond.

I asked about overcrowding in the sense of rushing to get people in & out. Something we haven’t really experienced. Valentines Day would be a good example… Ugh.

I’m not seeing the whole bargain hunter thing some do. To us it’s like a two week food festival, but at the restaurants. That’s just me though… glass half full and all :blush:.

Thanks for the info!

Did you by any chance take a pic of the wine pairing menu? Sad to hear that it was disappointing cause I was planning on doing it.